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My first "product of the hive" Lip Balm


Starting my Farmer’s Market stock! I made lip balm and it was incredibly easy. I used cappings wax from my non-Flow honey harvest.


That looks lovely :smile:
I always wanted a go at that but our cosmetics regulations are so onerous I gave up


My daughter made some for her school project. Sold out no problem.


Hey BT

Where did you get the applicators from?
Did you pour the liquid in the applicators and let set in there?

Any details on the recipe, or is it a family secret?

From Western Australia


That’s just no fun :disappointed:


I ordered my tubes from Amazon as well as a filling pallette that holds 50 tubes at a time.

The recipe I followed is here: https://snapguide.com/guides/make-beeswax-and-honey-lip-balm/

I’d skip the honey and use a bit of pure vanilla extract if you don’t like peppermint. Honey simply will not emulsify. You can stir it vigorously to distribute tiny, tiny droplets then pour, but the honey quickly falls out of suspension.


Thanks for the link the recipes look great. I shall do a few for home use. Here in the uk we have to have all our recipes tested and licensed before selling to the public and it costs a lot of money


Thanks for the recipe link. It worked great. Skipped the honey as suggested. 22154466_1318377234940929_6554526363008567131_n