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To purchase a hive or a nuc?

A few Questions:

  1. Which is better for the flow hive? To purchase an 8 x frame hive or a NUC?
    Confused, any advice please.
  2. Is the Flow Hive meant to be on a slight tilt?
  3. Any one on the Central Coast, eg, Budgiewoi / Toukley area I’m able to see how it’s all suppose to be set up please.
    TIA PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL ME AS WELL…….I have soo many Questions to ask…
    Maria 0410645583
  1. It depends how quickly you want to be in production and the quality of both products. My preference would be to buy a Nuc with a new queen that was busting out to expand.

  2. Yes, it is tilted towards the back to allow the flow of honey out of the frames. Please note it should be level side to side.

  3. I’m not local to you but joining a club or group locally to you may help. Also if you haven’t done a beginners course that would be of great value. If you’re looking for set up information have a good browse through the forum and online including YouTube.

Enjoy the preparation.



Thanks Adam, I’m going to buy a 4 x frame nuc for my 8x frame brood box and will be doing a course next week.

When you say level…do you mean the leveller within the Flow hive (the bubble should be in the middle at all times?)

I’mmnot Sure as I don’t have a flow hive v2. Someone else might know. Otherwise have a look in the manual or videos on the website.

Dear Ria

The flow hive website and YouTube channel has really great videos on just this topic and others. Really worth watching.

I tend to watch videos twice. First to get a general idea and then the second time to pick up on all the details. I also only follow certain channels and don’t jump from one advisor to another.


Hi Ria,
I am located in Sydney but have just put a bunch of hives in the forest up your way, our climate is very similar. A hive purchase will be more expensive than a Nuc but there is every chance you will get honey this year IF there is a strong nectar flow in your area. With a Nuc, you will probably have to wait till next year BUT it really depends on the quality of the bees and colony that you purchase…


Thanks for the advise and tips everyone.