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Triple Flow Hive + Single Traditional for Sale - Melbourne, VIC, Australia (3196)


We’ve made the difficult decision to sell our two hives as we’re going on the road for a year! We’re in SE Melbourne (Bonbeach).

Hive 1 is a Flow Classic in Cedar. Currently at three boxes high, they’re a seriously strong hive with loads of honey stores! Recently requeened with an Italian from the Bunyip Beekeeper. Note it has a traditional base board and bottom box at the moment as the cedar ‘Flow’ box is with the other hive.

Hive 2 is a single box currently doing a great job of reestablishing themselves after a queenless period. Also recently requeened with an Italian. Currently in the Flow bottom box but can easily switch these around as needed.

Prefer to sell them both together - gives you the flexibility to move frames around etc between hives. Asking $1000 for the lot. This is the new price on the Flow Classic by itself! Would also include and extra empty full depth super + frames and an empty Ideal super + frames.


WOW that’s a good deal :star_struck:


You’re not fooling anyone: You’re getting the new and improved Flow Hive that’s set for release next week! :rofl:


Hahha, I’ve heard rumours, but alas, no more bees for us for a year or so…