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Tung oil ok on araucaria


It isn’t airtight if you don’t let the honey form an airlock in the Flow tube. If you leave a pathway of air open, the air displaced from the container can exit through the Flow frame in the hive. :wink: :blush:


The container only becomes air tight when the drain tube becomes full of honey, normally the air build up goes up the tube and released into the hive. If the drain hose is full of honey then there is a very big risk of the honey unable to all drain fast enough and a hive flooding situation can happen.


That’s what I said, didn’t I? Or being English, am I not writing English properly? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :nerd_face:


I was agreeing with you dawn, I just explained it a little differently hoping Gill understood better with both answers.
There was something on the forum a couple of nights back about an alternative to a smoker but the crowd funding didn’t get a lot of support. Is there something along those lines in the US. Here we have Summer total fire bans and that goes for smokers too. Local bee equipment suppliers here have no worthwhile advise about anything.


I have read some things about it in the US. People who tried early models said that it didn’t work at all. The bees were not pacified by it. I think word got around, and that is why it didn’t get funded. :man_shrugging: