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Uneven Flow Frames


My flow frames seem to be uneven on the ends when in the proper position for the bees to coat with wax and fill. Is this how they are supposed to be? I imagined them more even like the comb.


This is the design. It is normal.
Not sure the reasoning but I think it aids in splitting the comb in a way that helps the honey flow down and out better when the key is used.

Bees will make it flush I think

That picture is funny looking though. Neat angle of the flow frame :yum:


Very smart words. From hearing @Cedar talk about it, the idea is to shear the capping off in a sheet, and have the honey run down behind inside the frames. If they manufacture a zig-zag in the surface like that in the vertical plane, it makes it easier to shear off the wax cappings to hold the flow of ripe honey behind them. Obviously a lot of this is trademarked and perhaps privileged information (to prevent copy cats) but what I am trying to say is that you are observing a clever feature of the way that the whole system works, and it is meant to be that way. :blush:


Very clever. Dragons Den or Shark Tank worthy :wink: :grin: :trophy:

Those emojis are for you @Dawn_SD


Too clever to ever need any Dragons Den or Shark Tank capitalist running dogs…

the offset is described in the patent- and Flow didn’t limit it to any particular degree of offset. The TapComb (aka CrapComb TM) fake flow frame people are illegally claiming it is their invention…


The unevenness allows the cells to be broken open while not breaking open the cappings, which keeps the honey from running all over while it’s draining. The ones that are deeper get a wax wall that breaks easily while the ones at the surface are directly attached to the cappings.