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Flow frames set correctly?

I installed my flow frames yesterday and within minutes had bees on observation windows.
This morning, some of the bees are inspecting the plastic comb.
When i looked at the pictures, the comb seems to be split at the ends.
I did the reset procedure with the flow key and adjusted the screw
Does the split seem normal or is it a problem
Thanks for the help as usual!

Hi @Marc1, welcome to the forum
Does the split seem normal or is it a problem

Can you load a photo of the flow frame, showing the area of concern, that would help
Cheers, G

If you checked the frame was in the closed position with the key full inserted then all is good, if by accident the frame was in the open position you can’t fit the key cap into the slot. When the frame is closed there is a gap (split) between the two parts of the cell but the bees will close it with wax.


Good pics here, Marc :+1: