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Upgrade to my Flow Super, Classic Cedar 6 Frame?


I’ve received my 6 frame super a couple days ago and I’m excited about getting started, but I’d really like to upgrade it to the full flow hive. I realise that it’s easy enough to add a brood box and top cover, but I really like the the design of the Flow hive, with the bottom ramp, gabled roof, etc. Plus, being a original campaign backer, I’d like to contribute further.
Is there any word on weather the webshop will be offering upgrade kits for people like myself and is it possible to contribute to the Hunger Project in this upgrade?


Yes, isn’t it strange that they do not offer the brood box separately?
After all one brood box is not enough for one colony as soon as you start having to do swarm control.
Perhaps you can go straight to beethinking…is that what they are called? Something like that, can’t remember off the top off my head but there are plenty of references to them dotted about the forum.


Hi Marc,

Congratulations on the Flow super! Is your avatar “Dave” from 2001 A Space Odyssey? :sunglasses:

I agree with what Dee suggested - www.beethinking.com manufacture the Flow hives for Honeyflow, and they have great customer service at support@beethinking.com or 1-877-325-2221. Their web site does not show the Flow hive roof for sale, and I have one of their screened bottom boards - the design of that is slightly different from the Flow hive version (ramp edges are square, not shaped, and there is only one slot under the screen, not two). However, they may be able to get the rest of the hive parts for you.

Another idea is to contact the Flow hive team direct, using the form here:

I know they have helped others upgrade their orders before shipment, so maybe they can work something out for you.

Hope that helps.



Bee Thinking are doing the boxes - if you want just brood boxes but for some of us it is cheaper sources locally - we had to pay VAT on top of carriage and buying - it really depends where you live and your local suppliers


I think Marc was wanting a pretty match for the pretty flow. I have a couple of hand crafted brood boxes but to be honest after a few winters they all look the same.


I’m not sure if we can upgrade you now to the complete Flow Hive now that you have already received part of your order. I will have to ask my colleague when she gets back from holiday.
Either way - for all upgrade inquiries you need to send us an email with your order number / the email address you used when you first ordered - stating exactly what you would like - http://www.honeyflow.com/contact/p/3
We will then be able to process your request.

We are hoping to have separate parts available through our web shop later this year - if you subscribe to our newsletter we will keep you up-to-date with any changes - http://bit.ly/1AcSws9


Hi @Dawn_SD, thanks for the reply. Sorry it’s taken so long to reply.
Yes, that’s Dave Bowman ;). Given that the current situation with upgrades to orders seems to be difficult now, I think the phrase “Sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that” would seem apropot…
Thanks for the referral to Beethinking. Their website is very impressive.


Thanks @Faroe, I’ll get n contact as soon as I can :slight_smile: