Upgrade For complete flow hive

I am waiting to hear how much extra for the upgraded boxes, when I was checking them out it said dovetail boxes. The pics and video from the original fundraiser all show dovetail boxes, I hope they look like the pics! It looks like the only difference is an extra flow comb and different windows, and it’s different wood. Am I right?

A lot of the early bird boxes have shipped, we are working on getting some pictures up soon. This first run of bee boxes look awesome, pretty much a “premium hive”.

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A very happy facebook poster a couple of days ago.


Looks as if that link only works if you belong to the group?

Is that a pre-assembled premium hive, or a regular Flow hive kit that someone did a really good job of pimping his hive?

Cause I want me some of that…

Think that is how it comes, @Jake, maybe you can elaborate on whether this is a premium or standard?

We will be sending an email out in the next day or so explaining. Just have to make sure we can deliver what we promise :wink:


So is that the complete flowhive setup or did that the poster ordered two of the flowhive with boxes?

Hey Noddy, I am not sure. Keep an eye out for the Flow Hive email in the coming days for the details.

My flowhive won’t be coming till December so I will be keeping an eye out on these forums. Have a funny feeling the forums will explode in the next few days with post from those that have recieved their hives. Can’t wait to see some user pics!

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Here is a video about the hives we are shipping out to our early bird customers.


That’s so great!! One of my little mental checks was wishing it would be cedar instead of pine, and now it IS!!

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I was hoping for cedar also but I was told they are pine😟

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Very cool! I just watched the video, we are getting cedar! Yippie!

Yes the early bird ones are cedar, hopefully we can continue to do them all in cedar, but this also depends on our suppliers and and their access to quality sustainable timber sources. Due to the amazing support we have had we have been able to build a much nicer hive than we had originally planned. We’ll keep you posted.


That’s fantastic Jake that you guys are striving to achieve that for the indiegogo pledges. Fingers crossed! Can I ask are the boxes coated in tung oil? They look darker than western red cedar.

Oops I just checked out the Facebook page and yes tung oil is recommended to coat the outside of the box. Just answered my own question.


This is really awesome. I love the look of the boxes. Definitely a nice little upgrade! Now if there was just anyway to make my way up a little higher on the early bird shipment roster :wink: lol