Urban Beekeeper in Germany/Berlin

Hello, I am a part of the CALENDARS Team, a group of students from the US doing a project here in Berlin till the end of April. Our project focuses on urban beekeeping in Berlin, and how it has been affected by climate change and seasonal shifting that occurs as a result of climate change. We would like to do an interview with you on your experience with beekeeping as a whole and how the changing climate is affecting it. If you are interested, or know someone else who may also be interested, please let us know and we can share more about our project and schedule a time to meet!

My email is jmteague@wpi.edu

Thank you for your time,

If I recall correctly, Cedar Anderson’s sister had a balcony hive in Berlin. I am not sure if she still lives in Berlin, but she might be able to forward your request to other beekeepers from there.

I’d guess the easiest way to get in contact with her is directly through the Honeyflow support channels

Thank you I just reached out