Urban Beekeeping - Beehive on a 2nd story deck in the city?

you could ask youre downstairs neigbour, that would be my suggestion, at least that is how we deal in our neighbourhood with this mattters.

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Hi Stephen,

I live in Charlotte, NC. I don’t believe the 2nd story should be an issue as long as the bee entrance is facing outward so the bees can easily fly back and forth to their hive. Most of your “work” to manage the hive will be on the other side so this will give you the space you need to treat, harvest and manage the brood boxes, etc. If you are new to the flow hive, you’ll want to invest in a second brood box (only one comes with the flow hive) and I purchased a second honey super so that once the “flow” has been harvested I allow the bees to make honey to get them through the winter (although this winter in Charlotte has been no existent). It is Feb. 22nd here and the bees are VERY busy already collecting pollen and making honey. The weather here in in the mid 70s (very unusual for this time of year). I’m still wondering about my flow hive because I have a very healthy bee population in my flow hive but they are not too interested in going in to the flow super. Not too worried since it is still early in the season and I recently switched my brood boxes so the queen and brood are on the bottom. I took off that second super since they are through the winter and they have plenty of food. i might suggest you offer your downstairs neighbor some of the honey you will be harvesting. This will make is easier for a cautious neighbor to be excited about what you are doing. Good luck.


I will be in Boston, starting Saturday and thru Friday for a conference. I know I will have some down time. Would really enjoy meeting up with people that have bee’s and the Flow Frames to see there setup and just chat. Let me know if interested. I will not have a car. I will have to use uber or mass transit some how. Let me know, would be cool.

Stephen! I’m Seana. I live in Medford too. It’s crazy. I just googled @keeping a hive on a second floor deck” and this came up.
So did you do it?!?
I’m dying to know how it’s working out!

Hi Seana,

I hope all is well with you.

I ended up keeping my bees away from my home. Its still a decision a wrestle with – as I would prefer to have them on my back deck as described in the message chain. If I could keep them there where nobody would notice, I would totally do so (as I don’t believe they would really cause any harm… .its just the perception). I, however, can’t really be on the back deck in a full bee suit without it all becoming obvious.

I’m excited to hear you are in Medford… as I don’t know any other local beekeepers. I would love to hear how your efforts are going. If you would be interested in collaborating locally… please msg me.


Hi Stephen!
It’s Seana again. A year later :rofl: I’m going to pick up my package today and I’m doing it on my 2nd floor deck.
So excited. Email me! Seanas219@gmail.com and come see my hive once it’s all set.
Wish me luck.