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US Dollar is very low V Aussie dollar


Geez the US dollar is low at the moment $670 us for a hive but that $930.00 in Aussie dollar . So Cedar an Stu can we buy them in Aussie dollar soon ? Because $930 in big cash when u trying to get it past ya wife when I have a December delivery one coming . It’s a hard sell an I don’t think I would be the only one .
Cheers Pete


The exchange rate is the exchange rate… doesn’t really matter which dollar it is set to by default it would still sell for $930 in Australian dollars. The only way to do what you are talking about would be to have one US price and then a different Australian price, because if they lowered the price and set the Australian dollar to the default when we buy them in the US the difference would still be lower by the same difference.


Hi Pete, you can buy a lot of traditional beekeeping gear for that kind of money. That said, if you have a delivery coming in Dec., that means you must have already paid for it? $930.00, that’s a lot of money. I see there’s a bloke in Brisbane selling top bar hives for around $900.00. He reckons top bar hives are better for the bees, end of story.


Hi Jeff yes I have one in December and was thinking about another while the western red cedar offer was on . I have a lot of bee gear now . I was just having a wing about our dollar awhile back it was up round .98 .
I have just finished restoring my lang 10 frames and have my bees coming first week of September .



I share the concern of #gullieshighlander about the exchange rate and disagree that it makes no difference which currency the price is set on…

If the price is now roughly equivalent to AUS$930 but the Aussie dollar is going down and there is talk of it moving much further down, then that will obviously push the price of the full hive above AU$930 and make no difference to the cost in US.

I’m not sure why it is set on $US, maybe because of a much bigger market, but the fact that they are made in Aus, with some local material and local labour, I think it is a bit rude and unfair that ‘locals’ will get slugged a higher price for no reason other than the exchange rate changing. I could appreciate it if manufacturing, input, or labor costs were going up and they had to raise the price, but that’s not the case.

I can thank the guys and their invention at least for introducing me to bees and I was also considering ordering a second full hive to get the cedar offer, but I’ll have to be content with one only and resort to conventional hives if I’m sufficiently hooked.


I agree with redneck

I was about to order 4 hives as when I initially started following this ‘fairytale come true’ the hives were projected to be around the $700 mark complete.

I will only be ordering one now to see how it goes.