No Australian option on new Indigogo campaign

Having received an email from flow and Indigogo saying that they were selling reduced price flow gives for the month of August I excitedly went to order another hive only to find that I couldn’t select Australia as a country. Am I doing something wrong or is there a problem?

Cheers, Julia

I think you have to go to the Australian shop, which comes up @ top with _Looks like you’re Australian. Visit the Australian site for Aussie Products

Same problem for me.

Looks like the special price is not available to foundation supporters living in Australia. At $599 USD for the cedar hive on the Indigogo sale…and at todays exchange rate…the hive should be listed in Australian dollars for about $100 less than what is currently at the Honeyflow Shop for Australians.

Currently the cedar hive is $949 AUD and it should be $850 AUD. Unless I am missing something?

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I have emailed flow about this and no response yet, but I’m hoping it is just a bug in their system. Surely they wouldn’t charge people from the land of their invention more :slight_smile:

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I cannot see an email from your email address… Did you use another email address to email from?
Any who… You can order the Australian pine hive through our Indiegogo site -

$564USD converts to $749 AUD instead of $849 AUD from our Australian website -

Sorry for any confusion, but because of the Indiegogo platform we can only offer our products in USD, and we currently do not have stock of western red cedar in Australia so cannot offer this with a discount during the campaign.
The good point about the Australian Hoop Pine Flow™ Hive is that it is Australian grown, certified sustainable hoop pine - the whole hive is 100% Australian made including the Flow Frames :slight_smile:
Just like Vegemite used to be :wink:

I ended up purchasing a complete flow hoop pine one from indiegogo, which after conversion to $AU was $797 including postage. Cheeper than on the Australian flow hive site (which is $849 without postage) but not by that much. The thing that bit here I think is how weak the Aussie dollar is at the moment. It would have been nice if they’d just knocked $100 off their gives on the Australian flow hive site, but I guess they wanted people to use indiegogo for some reason.

Still, I am very happy that my hive has been posted now so I should get it this week - happy days!!!



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I think it is pretty poor actually that Australians have to go through a set up for US dollars/market. We have great innovators in this country but there are often hurdles for consumers wishing to support them. I too, do not understand why we do not get a similar rate / % of discount (or better), the Flow Hive Classic is less $100US & as pointed out above, just over $50AUS.

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Well to be fair- about 2 months ago there was a special sale and the complete hoop pine hive was $750 aud . That was only for Australians… I grabbed two. The hoop pine hives are very well made - lovely wood. It doesn’t have the weathering qualities of cedar but made better- very accurate- and a big step in quality over a lot of standard hives. The hoop pine is not to be confused with radiata pine: the hoop pine is very solid and weighty- and very high quality furniture grade with no knots/blemishes. I think they are also slightly thicker than the cedar hives (19 v 21mm). I was happily surprised by the weight and quality of the hoop pine and being laser cut the joints are extremely accurate. Assembly was a breeze- I built two hives in around 2 hours- and didn’t need to use clamps/jigs.

Um, $750 AUD is around $570 USD- and 600USD is around $780 AUD. So I would say there is a comparison to the two sales- and Australians were able to buy a complete flow hive for less than anyone else in the world… We have purchased the complete cedar hive- and also the complete hoop pine: the hoop pine is EXCELLENT quality. I think Australian’s got a fair go. Flow couldn’t offer cedar hives made in the USA to Australian customers- without subsidising it- delivering the hives to Australia wouldn’t cost nothing.

Flow is a business- and they don’t owe you anything- it is pretty clear what has happened: they went from nothing to a company that sold ten to twenty thousand beehives globally in around just one year. They have (increddibly) fulfilled all their original orders now- yet production capacity is high. So they are having a sale to drum up more customers. Fair enough. We do live in a capitalist society.


I’m kind of wishing I hadn’t started this thread now!

whilst I originally wanted to buy a cedar hive to match the one I have already, from an environmental point of view I am very happy to buy Australian made hives made from Australian wood, rather than flying ones over from America, so I think it was a good call on flow hives point of view to try and sell locally produced goods locally - plus it obviously makes sense economically. I will happily pay more for products that are ethically produced & environmentally sustainable.

I should be getting my hive this week & am very happy reports on quality are good :). No grumbles from me about flow, would like the Aussie dollar to be stronger, but I can’t really blame these guys for that :slight_smile: