NZ Import Duties!

I have received my frames and have just had a call from DHL regarding the box’s. For a one off payment of $124 customs will release it!!! . My local bee center will charge me $350 for a nuc to get the hive going so with all the costs I probably could have bought a lifetime supply of honey and had change!

Wow, that sounds expensive for a nuc. I wonder how you would go inquiring at your local bee club. Someone there might know someone who could sell you a split much cheaper than that.

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Australia: bought 4 frame nuc for $125 including nuc box. For the hive kit, no import duties in Australia for items under $1000.

NZ sounds a bit spendy. Hopefully a one-off cost to you. And the point is not so much the cost of the honey. Looking after the colony and watching them live and develop is rewarding.


@Mark_Hagerty Did you pay for shipping separately? If yes then I’ll contact you with a tip.

Hi Mark,

Welcome aboard beekeeping ! Yes ! Beekeeping can be pricey but rewarding as well. Try to find some local beekeepers for support if possible for guidance n encouragement as a new beek in this exciting hobby.

I am once again returning to the hobby after 55 years away. I have spent most of our northern Winter collecting supplies n building three full sets with extras. I have 3 Nuc’s ordered for delivery in April 2016. Yes, beekeeping hobby is expensive to jump into from the Get-Go ! But the rewards are awesome.

I would encourage you to watch a few beginner type You-Tube vids n acquire a couple good beginner beekeeper books to get clued in. It will be helpful so the trip forward is clearer n less bumps in the road n learning curve. Also it is wise if you can to find local beekeepers n/or club to help you. We all need this support if close at hand. Be aware each has personal experience n years in the hobby. Each will have lots of advice. Most ideas are correct but based on their trip along the beekeeping highway. So gleam n learn n use what is most helpful. Learn the basic from books n classes if avalible.

Good luck n enjoy the journey !

Gerald up here Stateside

A well known beekeeping supplier here in the UK is charging £250 for a six frame nuc on National frames (so smaller than a Lang). Thats over $500 Australian

Well just for comparison, my nucs were US $175 each for 5 Lang frames and a marked VSH Italian queen with proven laying.

That works out to $246.67 $Au. I’m selling my colonies for $88 & I make sure the queen is proven. However I’m not supplying any box or frames. Also pick up at my place.

Bit of a hike for me, Jeff. But you know I would buy from you if I could! :smile:

@Dee, that’s incredible. I’m coming over there to set up in business. I’ll return to Australia a rich man:) Just kidding.

Thank you Dawn:)…

Thanks Gerald, I have a bee center near me who run courses so I will sign up and try to avoid too much ‘trial & error’!

Yes I did pay separately for shipping, my e-mail is for tips!!

Great Mark !

I am doing the same up here. My 55 years old skills are old n rusty. With intro of new problems n pest issues I want to get up to date. When ya get set up post some pics. I love seeing other peoples geography n
Setups. Do you live in the country, urban or more city there ? I am in a urban envirment here. It was forest with few small farm out here in the foothill SE of Seattle but city trying to totally engulf us so try to transtion. Hard to do for a 70 year old that was happy the way it was. Not seen much improvement as they take over our woodlands n stack up houses n small shopping area. Take n keep learning. Just got done from a service call… I am a selfempliyed semi-retires furnace tech. But spending time gardening, working with my four hens n returning to beekeeping gives me peace of mind. Thanks for the note.

Now back out to the woodshop,

Certainly some money to be made from bee supplies in some countries and lot to be said for joining local bee club before doing anything…

I paid $AU100 for a 4 frame nuc from a bee club member and could have included a queen for an extra $20, but I got extravagant and paid double for a Liguria queen from interstate.

Hi Red,

Yah ! I feel fortunate here in Puget Sound near Seattle. I ordered my 3 five last November to be first on our providers list. Looking forward to mid April delivery if weather n condition continue flavorable. I paid a $50.00 U.S.D. each deposit. Total at final pickup appointment will be $170.00 each. They come with a queen too …

Sure excited n ready !

Hi, I have the same problem. $179nzd. What’s the tip?

I paid Au$120 for 5 frames out of a NUC and into the brood box.
Beekeeper says better for him cause he doesn’t loose NUC box. Apparantly a lot were not returning the NUCs… couldn’t be bothered getting the deposit back And better for customer as it is cheaper.

What’s your email? I’ll email direct.