Help I'm confused!

Please excuse me I am very new to forums and am hoping someone may be able to help me out and explain why?? I live in Queensland Australia and am expecting my hive, it is being shipped in 2 parts due to a breakdown in the factory the frames are being sent soon. I thought these were being made in australia and when I checked my tracking for my order I get this, why is my hive being shipped across the world when I’m only 5 hrs from the factory in Brisbane???
Waybill: 5870810794
Departed Facility in HONG KONG - HONG KONG
Saturday, December 26, 2015 at 17:56
Origin Service Area:
Destination Service Area:
1 Piece
Saturday, December 26, 2015 Location Time Piece
3 Departed Facility in HONG KONG - HONG KONG HONG KONG - HONG KONG 17:56
1 Piece
1 Piece
Saturday, December 12, 2015 Location Time Piece
1 Shipment picked up PORTLAND, OR - USA 11:28

I think the Flow Frames are made in Australia,

The Wood boxes and wood parts are coming from USA, a company called BeeThinking has partnered to make the boxes

The important part - The Flow Frames are being made in Brisbane. The Flow Hive Boxes are being made in Portland Oregon they fly across America and via Nauru - it is the tracking for the US Flight you are seeing.

There was a problem in the Brisbane factory I believe and the Frames are slightly delayed.

Thank you Martydallas and Valli, I am surprised to find out that the boxes aren’t being made here in Qld as well seems silly to not make them here to be delivered in Australia, seems like a long way to send a bee hive :confused:

Ultimately, likely the wood components will be made in the continent where there to be delivering in. Due to a startup company and with the mass number of orders they’re trying to fulfill in such a short time frame it makes a lot of sense to limit their manufacturing sites so that quality control and standards can be here to.

For them, to have thought through this says a lot about their thought process and organizational skills. Don’t spread yourself too thin and keep one point of contact is very smart.

The Cedar used in the boxes is in good supply from Canada - So it is easier to build the boxes where the resource is easily got at - Bee thinking already have these boxes in production from the Canadian Wood. and a deal was struck accordingly

By the way, BeeThinking is a great company to deal with. Very friendly, intelligent wanting and trying to do the right thing worldwide as well,

I bought my suit and other gear from them after watching them on “shark tank” a US television show. Wanted to support anybody wanting to do the right thing environmentally.

We now have a wholly Australian made product - the Australian hoop pine supers and hives.
This is available for our Australian customers -
However, as previously stated - most of our interest and customers came from the USA - so to save miles, we started our manufacturing of western red cedar hives in the USA.
As a crowd funded product, we did not have the funds and time to start up multiple production plants from the get-go.

This is all expanding as we grow as a company. But the priority was to get the orders out to our supporters as quickly and efficiently as possible, and to high standard.

If you or any friends want to buy a completely Australian made product, just go to our Australian website and select the Australian hoop pine option.
We also have the western red cedar option available too.
The western red cedar is a more premium, durable wood, and only needs a coat of natural tung oil for protection.
The pine option will need 2 coats of quality exterior paint which needs to be taken into consideration when weighing up costs.

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