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Veil check and replacement


At the risk of stating the obvious, I have had my full suit for three years now, and just recently found some tears in it which soon would let the lasses through had I not discovered it, so what time period should they be replaced? I have stitched them up with glue till I get a new one, but there seems to be quite a breakdown occurring. The veil has never been washed . The glue I used is called ‘bondic’, which allows you to dab the glue where required and then insistently setting it with ultraviolet light . I have heard super glue works as well, but you have to wait till it sets .


Its called the “sting to mend ratio” When the sting outstrips the mend …time to replace.
Some work on the pain to mend ratio, which is when the pain gets to great.

I jest, but some suits are rubbish and rot on the peg. The better ones allow you to mend more often and easier.


Replace them when you can’t fix them anymore with thread, glue and duct tape…


Thanks guys. Was there ever a better use of the saying ‘a stitch in time saves…’