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Vented Bottom Boards


does anyone know if these are available and where I can buy them?

the type that you are able to adjust the vents whether its hot or cold

the flowhive has a vented bottom board doesn’t it?

ty in advance


Just go for the solid bottom board. The bees regulate the temperature just fine in all climates and the solids are much stronger, allow the bees to keep it clean, and keeps out unwanted pests easier. I learned all of this the hard way lol.


Mann Lake do a slatted Rack I have a couple of these for my hives but they don’t sell 8 Frame ones here only 10



Hi Andrew,

I don’t know what part of the world you are in the US. Beethinking has a cedar vented bottom board with a groove under the screen. They make both 10 and 8-frame sizes. You can slide a sheet of metal or thin plywood into the groove to close off the screened area:

The photo doesn’t show the groove I am talking about, but I bought one of these from them recently, so I know it is there. :wink:



Hi Dawn,

that’s exactly what I’m looking for and haven’t been able to find in Australia!!


I have the solid bottoms already and worry it gets too hot on those $40 degree days :frowning:


Well, you may not want to pay international shipping, but Beethinking says on their web site that they ship worldwide. They have excellent customer service (by e-mail as well as by phone) and they will give you a quote if you contact them at support@beethinking.com


It doesn’t get too hot lol. If you’ve ever cut a beehive out of an attic on a 105f summer day…that’s hot! Yet the bees love it.


@Andrew the discount code not sure if it will work is “gotbees” for Beethinking


thanks for the info everyone, :slight_smile:


Table saw comes in handy just run a slot across the back of a screened board. Place a piece of sheet metal in slot, add rails on under side and glue and nail. Slide sheet metal door some or remove completely.