Video: So, I made a split

This would have been much better if my memory card hadn’t filled up.



Enjoyed that one. Is this a first year hive. Its doing VERY well if it is.


@Rmcpb it is a first-year hive.
Started as a 3-frame nuc on March 19th.

We had a particularly heavy nectar flow which is what likely contributed to the congestion. They stored a lot of honey in the brood boxes.
I should have harvested a frame or two from down there.
…still might.

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I am learning so much from your videos and the information that you post. My bees seem to be following your bees lead. I was only going to run one hive and had a second ready because of what I had read in case I needed to do a split later. Then after some more reading about beginners needing a second hive I went ahead and bought a second nuc for my “spare hive”.
A friend gave me two of his father’s empty ten frame hives since he was not going need them anymore and I cleaned them up, repainted them and put them in the corner until I could decide what to do with them. It was a good thing that I had them! I put off a hive check because I was installing a sprinkler system. During a coffee break I noticed a lot more activity on one hive and did a check…there were swarm cells on the bottom of my second brood box. The “spare hives” were set up quickly and I split both hives.
But like MB says that if they have decided to swarm they might even if you do a split. One hive did while I was there and watching ( quite a sight) but they only went as far as my raspberry bushes so I was able to grab my nuc boxes, brushed the swarm into the boxes and dumped them in the ten frame spare hive with their sisters that were split off from them earlier that week. All hives seem to be doing OK now. I’m letting the ones without queens make their own queens.
So I went from just wanting to start out this year with one hive to having four pretty decent hives. Luckily another friend that stopped bee keeping because of all of his teeagers activities a few years back might be interested in taking the bees from two of my hives so I will have the spares empty but ready to go again just in case.
Thanks for posting all of your videos. They have been extremely helpful.


Great video Bobby! Not only the content but the work getting it on video. You must be a jack of all trades.

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Thanks, but a master of none :wink:

Thank you so much for sharing. Also new… I need all the help I can get.

Hi Bobby
Just few of questions if u dont mind;
1- How do u need/(come to the conclusion) that u need more room for ur bees?
2- What r u trying to show when removing the frames from the Super Box, u said “take a look a this”??
3- Why r u trying (or u dont mind) pushing the queen down the Broodbox, how do u know tha will move down the Brood Box (trying to run away from the smoke)???
4- U mentioned “3 Swarm cells” How can u tell (swarm Cells) that is which frame needs to be removed and put in the Nuc Box, while other frames are put back in the Brood Box
5- How can u tell whether the queen isn’t on the frame that u transferred to the Nuc Box
6- Why did u transfer the second frame to the Nuc Box, any particular resons. Is it the same reason that u transfered the first Frame??
7- Nurse beetles stay out of these frames, why? whats so special about these frames?? Foragers will come back. Does that mean that you will leave teh brood box and teh Nus Box open for a while until they come back or they will naturally leave teh Nuc Box and fly back to the Brood Box.
8- Howcan u gurantee that the bees that u transferred to the Nuc Box will stay in the Nuc Box and not fly back to the original Brood Box (as they are without a Queen "as yet"