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Virgin queen question


I currently have a hive that lost its queen and is making a new one vi emergency queen cells. I noticed yesterday that the 2 cells have hatched.

I live in South central Pennsylvania. The weather is getting nice and the bees are active on warm days. Drones started flying this week.

My question is this: once the virgin queen hatches and goes on her mating flight, does she return to the hive each night? It gets cold at night (30’s and 40’s F) if she doesn’t return each night, how does she stay warm enough or will she die trying to mate this time of year?



Yes. Long before sunset. :wink: Otherwise she would die, as you speculate.


Hi @Plutoman15, here is a great video for you to watch, the answers to your question are in this video.


Thank you @Dawn_SD and @JeffH

Nice video by NOVA.
I knew the queen mated for several days but wasn’t sure about where they were at night. Good so my queens should mate successfully.

If not, I will keep giving new eggs to try again.


@JeffH Fantastic footage! There are some factual inaccuracies (if I’m not mistaken), but superb nevertheless.


Yes I agree about the few factual inaccuracies, however it’s a great learning video.


video no longer available due to copyright


the youtube site states:
“PBS Nova Tales From …” This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by The WGBH Educational Foundation

Do you know the name of the episode?


WAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! Cry!!! We are losing @JeffH. :disappointed_relieved: :sweat: :cold_sweat: :fearful: :crying_cat_face: :astonished:


It’s tales from the hive I think it’s in Netflix


Is this really true?


Hi Dawn:) it’s ok, I’m not going very far away. It looks like spring has sprung here, even though we still have over 4 weeks of winter left to go. It’s going to be fairly hectic in the coming months for me to make any further comments on topics or replies to questions unless they are specifically addressed at me. cheers:)


Oh good, @JeffH and Wilma. I will dry my eyes, then. :cry: :wink:


Thank you Dawn:),