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WABA Flowhive field day, Perth


Just a quick shout out to anyone in the area that hasn’t heard about this yet.
It’s in Mundaring at the Perth Hills Discovery Centre, 380 Allen Rd.
$20 per adult, children free.
I’m taking the cover for my observation window for a bloke called Stuart to sign.:wink:
Sunday 10th April.


Might be good to get his son (Cedar’s) signature too, if he is there! :wink:


Attended the field day and was surprised at the turn out. The majority were newbees from the looks with a few bee supply company stalls.
A few interesting talks and an incredible guitar player.
My partner turned to me after a while and said “there seem to be a lot of strange people here!” I could only smile and agree. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No Cedar @Dawn_SD unfortunately. Besides Stuart didn’t leave any room anyway…
Happy bees.


:smile: Cedar must be busy with his baby. One year olds are a lot of work! :wink: