Walliston Perth Hills honey bee extermination

I was at a park in Walliston this morning and saw a bee colony in a tree hollow at ground level. Made enquiries with the council and was told the colony was soon to be exterminated due to its location. I enquiried as to whether they would allow for it to be trapped out and they said they would consider it.
I already have enough hives here but if anyone else would like to trap it out let me know asap and I’ll give more details. I don’t think their demise is far away unfortunately. I’m happy to help if necessary, it really wouldn’t be too complicated. (Famous last words)

The irony is that I was there for a tree planting organised by the coumcil which they do each year filling the parks with flowering gums and the like.


Report it to www.swarmpatrol.com, there’s a good chance a local beekeeper will jump at the chance to trapout.

Thanks Rod, I looked on the site however it seems to be more for swarms and I’ve no idea how long the colony has been in the tree, quite a while I’d imagine as swarm season here has long gone. If prospective trap outs can be placed on the list then I’ll add it but I don’t want to rock the boat.
I was really hoping someone would offer to give it a go. Fortunately, due to the lack of bee pests here in this part of the state honey bees aren’t threatened and we have a healthy population of feral colonys. If it was a native bee hive I’d jump at it, it’s my bee keeping goal to have a hived native bee colony. I’m not sure though if we have hiveable native colonys over here…

Hi Skeggley, another option would be to post on some of the beekeeping groups on Facebook, its amazing how quickly this will be shared and find its way to the right person for the job.

@skeggley The council giveith the trees providing nectar then the council wants to kill the bees. So right about the irony of it. That is a bit rich when they all claim to be environmentalists and want to preserve nature.