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Wanting to Buy 10 frame Deep boxes, wood frames?


I am looking to buy Deep boxes for 10 frame, any left over wooden frames stock someone might have. Anyone getting out of business or have too much to handle. I am looking to expand and have thousands and thousand of acrage to place hives on. I can travel to pick up, but won’t go across country. I am in Wyoming and will travel within a 500 mile radius or so. One stipulation they must be free of FB disease and mites. I don’t want to infest my bees with someone elses rot.


Hi Tony, you want second hand equipment to be free of disease? I’m thinking your better off getting everything new right from the word go. I would hate to drive 500 miles to pick up second hand equipment on the promise it was disease free only to find out a few weeks or months later that it wasn’t.


Yes, maybe so Jeff, but foul brood stinks and once you smell it you don’t forget it. You also can’t hide it either. Mites can be seen if there has been an infestation, but scorching inside of boxes will take care of most that. Foul brood you just burn them. But my trips aren’t just bee buying I buy antiques as well so it always a write off.


Save the petrol, buy new, then you are buying yourself insurance they are AFB or what ever free.

Losing the bees to disease would be disheartening and cruel if you had only made the right choice


IC, well done Tony, a good scorching will kill everything if it’s done properly. It always works for me. AFB can be present without any odor, so it’s a good idea to treat everything secondhand as if it’s infected with AFB & scorch the lot.


Your in Wyoming these peeps are in Montana http://westernbee.com/pages/beehive.html

These are in Wyoming http://prairiewindbeesupply.webs.com/contact-us


AFB is something that can strike us at any time weather our gear is new or second hand. It’s worth remembering that all bees are robber bees. Bees can pick it up by robbing out a hive that has been weakened out with AFB. AFB doesn’t have to be the big bogie where you burn the lot once you discover you have it. A mild dose can be treated, however a severe dose can also be fixed through a process of scorching & treatment without killing the bees. It IS a big job, but it can be done without burning the frames & boxes.


Jeff have you ever had AFB?? In the UK you have to burn everything - the inspectors say!


Yes Valli, I’ve had it, I’d almost call myself an expert on the subject. Some people burn the lot around here as well or get everything irradiated. I do what I say I do in here. Burning the lot can get VERY expensive & there’s no guarantee you wont get it again with new equipment.


That is why we have insurance. Its part of the BBKA membership not a great deal of cost but well worth it - if the inspector says burn you have to burn. Safest that way


Hey, good to see someone else from WY here. I would recommend you check out http://rockinbees.com/the-hardware/. This guy makes the boxes and equipment new. It’s good, new hardware and cheaper than most used boxes that I’ve seen on craigslist and other ad sites. And it’s probably less than 500 miles from you.


Hey 30jeff, I do so appreciate the link. Got it saved in my bee list and will probably email him later in the week. Those prices are much better than what I paid for last batch of boxes I bought. I’d prefer new anyway and at those cost I could get about 25 hive going next spring. and actually I don’t mind wooden boxes. I get to interact with my bees more that way and I’ve already been able to get into a the hives without a suit on and not even get stung. They know me in a way I guess. Doing that was a good adrenaline rush. Don’t think I’d do it while taking their honey away, but just going to check on them was no problem, Might not work that way next time though, but it did one day.


Just checked map quest. It sohws just a hair under 500 miles. He is about as close to the Idaho border as I am to the SD/Nebraska line. It would be a nice drive before the snow flew. To 30jeff