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Warwickshire UK Flow hive keepers


Hi are there any other people in Warwickshire United Kingdom Who are awaiting their flow hive to arrive :honeybee:
It would be great to form a group of us meet and chat and share ideas


I’m in Solihull I was hoping to go to a meeting this week are you already a member? I had a return call when I first purchased my hive and I got a strange mixed reaction from the guy at Solihull. I felt like I was being berated for just thinking I could buy a hive and not know anything - I was quite annoyed as I have been reading and researching and I’m not going into it blind. But the reaction I got to buying a flow hive was not exactly welcoming.


Hi…I am getting a flow hive too…I haven’t told anyone as the reaction to anyone getting an Omlet Beehaus is bad enough…I am just going to enjoy it…woooheee…what fun it will be. I wouldn’t pay any attention to the negative comments…do your own thing. I have poly hives and Beehaus’s and I am just going to love playing with this new toy!


I know what you mean sometimes these groups can be very opinionated wouldn’t it be great if we could find a enough people locally to start our own group that is less opinionated and more interested in supporting each other to care for these be the best we can fingers crossed we will find enough people locally with varying degrees of experience :pray:t2: then we can organise our first meet ?


Hi, I’ve just received my first flow hive, I’m located near Nuneaton.