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Sorry Marica… I should have read this note from you so in knew you were a fellow or gal. Not a big deal but want to get it correct. Hope your enjoying our partly sunny cool winter weather up there in Sno Cnty. If ya have time pop a pix or two of your langstroth hives. I am bringing in 3 5 frame deep Nuc’s that should arrive mid April or around that time. What are you doing up there bee wise ?

Enjoy the weather,


Valli, nope ! Missed the methane leak ! Guess I’ll have to catch up. Been busy working in house furnaces. I’m a gas furnace tech so been busy n occupied so no TV news time.

You have any details?


Yah, this Davis Pro Wx station keeps me tried in with local Wx condition. It’s been a fascinating hobby since a kid. I am part of the local volunteer weather spotters n turn in daily data reports.


http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3391858/Invisible-methane-gas-leak-forces-thousands-flee-upscale-Los-Angeles-neighborhood.html. sounds really bad


Oh Villi, been watching this Ethane not methane leak a couple weeks now. Your internet sources was incorrect with type of gas. Methane is swamp gas but store natural gas is ethane gases (different but both dangerous ). I work for our local gas company for over 15 years. We also have one or two underground storage areas up here on Washington state. Underground storage is needed so local n region utilities have extra store of natural gas (ethane gas) during winter demands. It’s kind of like having dams to store water for Summer needs ! It’s a bummer n bad when a well-head has a failure like the Big Leak in the Gulf of Mexico few years ago !


Sounds terrible anyways


It’s not good for either side !


Today I am attending a local Beekeeping class. I’m excited because I seem to gleam a few more bits of info n experience from those that have been there before. Class is being put on by Bees in the Burbs in Maple area about 15 ms from me. I have my 3 Nuc’s ordered from them also. Going to be a great class !



No snow then? *******


Washington DC is getting the snow, not Washington state! :blush:
DC is east coast, state is west…


Yip ! No Snow here on the W. Coast except in the Olympic n Cascade Mtns. Here southeast 25 ms out of Seattle it’s pouring rain n 42 dgs. Early flowers are popping out. This is witch hazel.


Of course it is
Silly me…I knew that
Just as well then :slightly_smiling:


Big hug to Dee. Easy to mix them up. I think the Americans did it on purpose to confuse any invaders!



Hi all ya Washitonians…

Spring 2016 is popping early again this year at least on the west side.

Our native Indian Plum that is our first good spring nectar n pollin crop is budding n popping out. Our current temps are running 3 to 5 dgs above averages just wetter than Spring 2015. Bees are peaking out n flying any warmer mild partly sunny day already. Wishing my bees were here but not until mid April. Hard watching n waiting ! I’ve been out watching other beekeepers hives to curb my beekeeping appetite.

Hope these Spring updates help,


Hi all , venture out for an exploration hike today. Found good budding out of native Indian Plum 15 miles from yesterday’s site but about the same progress.

. Not sure Pussy Willow shrubs pollen is sought by our honeybees but this Spring I am investigating n checking things out. the early blooming buds are puffed out but still be a bit before they pollen out.

It’s going to be a great year connecting the dots n learning what blooms n bees really like n use.


My bees love it ******


Okay ! Thankz Dee … I was guessing so as the pollen stage of a pussy willow are so heavy with the yellow powder.


Found this honeybee on willow bud. I am hoping to get several pix’s as more willow buds pop n go into the pollen stage of development.


Early pussy willow are full of pollen everywhere now !


Also I saw plenty of Indian Plum nearing full bloom near our home east of Renton, along Cedar river n today in Federal Way attending a family dinner !