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It’s the 18th of February n the wettest winter as of today on record ( Dec thru Feb 18th). We are currently at 22.81" n still more of February to go. Our temps have been mild n we are already seeing Dandilions in our ditch n yard !


Hi all, I live in Redmond and am new to beekeeping. Just received my flow frames and am excited to get started. I’ve joined the Puget Sound Beekeepers Assoc to learn as much as I can. I hope to learn from your collective knowledge also.

  • Travis


Welcome aboard … I live east of Renton south of you. Sounds like your on your way.

I just attended the second class of the Early Spring out in Maple Valley today. This class was on hive inspection n record keeping.
I should get my three Nuc’s in April. I am first person on my suppliers list so will get a call when he leaves to pick them up so I am completely ready too.

Stay in touch here … I am going to again use 10 frame Langstroths like I did in Jr n Sr High School at Issaquah 55 years ago. I am running 2 double deep boxes again too.
Got to run. Take care n pop a pic on here when you get it all together.
Gerald emphasized text


@TravisLively have you built your flow boxes? I’d love to hear how it went.

@Gerald_Nickel how was your class? Where did you take it? Would love to see pictures.

I’m also in the Eastside, close to Redmond.



Actually I did not buy a Flow-Hive … I bought a full Cedar Hive (10 frame Lang) from Beethinking.com the producer of the Flow-hive also. The Flow-Super will
fit atop my setup exactly. Mine will be the 7 frame Super when I order it next autumn vs the normal 6 frame Flow-hive (normal setup).

I had already order my 3 Nuc’s of bees n started personally building 3 ten frame Langstroth setup before I had heard of the Flow Priject. No big deal as when I order a Flow-Super this Fall it will be the wider version.

I will use this first season for the bees to draw out two lower deep boxes of wax comb n their first winter of honey supply. That will be a large accomplishment anyway. If I am successful at wintering over all three colonies … Then I will be able to add honey supers as well n a Flow-Hive 7 wide plastic frame Honey Super.

My three Nuc’s are suppose to mid April if they are ready. As you know we have experienced a record WET winter here n on the West Coast. Not sure if that’s going to delay or weaken Nuc’s quality this season. Hopefully the Queens will be very healthy n fertile.

I’ve been busy in my small workshop making entrance reducers n a new wood jig for building/assembling 10 frames at once.

. These n other beekeeping classes n projects are keeping me busy this last winter n spring time now. I am also recording flowering dates n data on local flowers n nectar/pollen supplies/flowers.

Stay in touch.
Gerald (east of Renton)


I will be assembling my Cedar Hive as soon as one wrong Cedar hive piece arrives. Mine will look similar to this double deep 10 frame but with an added medium honey super on top.



Hi Gerald,

Nice entrance reducer you have fabricated, Gerald. Many people actually put them in the other way up, so that dead bees and debris on the hive floor don’t block the hole. Bees can still clear out the hive - they lift the trash over the raised threshold. Just a thought to keep the entrance open and ventilation going! :smile:


Hmmm ! Thanks ! Great incite … Guess I can flip mine n do that easy enough. It pays to post stuff n get thots, comments n help from you more experience folks. As I’d say in Vietnamese, “cám ơn nhiều !” ( Thankz ! ) … Gerald. :ok_hand:


Hello, Rebekah here; living in Bellingham. Had my flow for several weeks, all assembled, Tung oiled exteriors, frames/foundation in; just waiting for the package bees. Waiting for my western cedar box to arrive which will be added to the brood box, then Flow on top if good nectar flow. I’m also going to experiment with a separate all medium 8 frame setup, with no Flow box.

I’ve joined the Mt. Baker Beekeepers Association (http://www.mtbakerbeekeepers.org/). Through them am taking classes with WWU Outback Apiary at the U’s Outback Farm, which is located right on campus (https://westerntoday.wwu.edu/news/apiary-to-hold-free-spring-bee-in-march-2).


Just finished third coat of Tung Oil using a quick rubbing of 000 steel wool between coats to smooth down the grain. I’ll do one more (the fourth) final coat tomorrow !


I have also spent the last four weeks drying out n refurbishing an old retired Observation Hive. Looks nearly new now.

. I’ll use it for some education proposes as I get a chance n bees to fill it with.


Very nice, Gerald - that was really a labor of love!


Hi, I’m from spokane. I’ve never kept bees before, but I just got my flow hive and have a few questions. Are honey bees attracted to food and would it be a problem with parties outside? Also we have a lot of little kids around, would they get stung all the time or do the bees keep to themselves?


Bees won’t be attracted to food like wasps are. Nevertheless you need to site the hive so that the bees do not fly over where people spend their time in the garden. Give us a plan of the site and we can give you a hand with deciding where to put the box.


Great question, and the answer is generally that you would expect no problem, unless your hive was faced towards the party. Bees will go for straight sugar or honey, but not fruit, jelly, jams, preserves or desserts. They are not like wasps, hornets or yellow-jackets.

The bees will keep to themselves if left alone. They don’t like loud noise or vibration (lawn mowers and weed whackers for example). They don’t like people walking close in front of the hive. They don’t like the hive being knocked or banged (by soccer balls etc) and they don’t understand accidental collisions with the hive. Having said all that, there is no reason that a gentle strain of bees could not live in your back yard.



My folks entertain all the time in their suburban backyard. We have had as many as seven hives and never had a guest get stung.

If you are very concerned or have a pissy hive you could put a temporary screen in front of any hive entrances that face where your guests will be.


Thank you. Very helpful. Also would you recommend a nuc or package bees. I am clueless.


For a Flow hive beginner, always a nucleus. They are much more robust and forgiving of mistakes. However, you are late in the season to pre-order a nucleus, so you may only be able to get a package, unless your local beekeeping society has nuclei available from members. If you go with a package, Flow has a nice youtube video on installing it - you should watch it.


Thank you very much!


Lake Stevens Washington Bee keeper here. Awaiting my flow hive. Should be here in the next few weeks. Starting a langstroth hive as well. New bee package will be here before my flow hive arrives. Anxious to see results and compare the flow hive. Very excited. Going to put the flow hive frames on the existing hive when the bees are ready to make some honey. Bought the entire flow hive and now realize I only needed the frames but will just add boxes as hive strengthens.(mix and match) Then, I hope to have two hives by the end of the season. (Hoping to split)