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Wasps are catching my bees midflight


I killed one just after it caught one of my bees midflight and you can see it in the picture still in its claws. Is there anything I can do besides trying to kill them one by one? I killed about 10 so far, but they keep coming back in larger and larger numbers.


How awful. The pheromone traps they sell for wasps are supposedly safe for bees - I’d check this out first & then hang one in a different area of your property, to draw them away from your hive & of course kill them.

I’ve heard some gardening experts warn not to use the traps made for Japanese beetles however…because they end up attracting more beetles to your property! So it’s worth researching - but quickly as I’m sure your hive is weakening.

Good luck & let us know how it goes :sweat:


we have about a half dozen pheromone traps for wasp around our house and we also put one colony of bees back there and so far the only thing we are finding in the traps are wasp. Of course regarding your situation, I’m tending to think your colony is young or smallish and not able to defend itself well just yet. Even in other area where wasp are I have no wasp traps in my other yards and the bees are defending themselves very well. One of these days I’ll get photos posted of all my yards.