Wax Dipping FH 2 Araucaria - Splitting Issues?

I’ve got a brand new FH 2 Araucaria and am looking into wax dipping the woodenware. I found a guy who’s dipped a few Flow Hives, but he warned me that they can split around the sight windows. Mainly because this is where 2 pieces were glued together. He dips at 150-160 deg C.

I looked at my pieces and couldn’t find any seams… Has anyone encountered any splitting issues when dipping their Araucaria boxes? Were older designs made of glued pieces?


The boxes should be assembled prior to dipping (but I wouldn’t have the any plastic pieces on there) so it shouldn’t split too bad. A little crack won’t be more than a cosmetic issue and even if it goes all the way through, the bees will seal it up from the inside.


Hey Andy,
I’ve dipped quite a few Flow hives including the FH2. I have noticed on some the join to which you refer, though it hasn’t caused an issue. I only dip fully assembled equipment with plastic bits removed at 145°-155° for 10minutes.

Hi @chau06 @aussiemike - thanks for the info. I’m thinking that since my frames don’t have such joint, I should be ok.
Thanks again!


Hi Andy,
We recommend a couple of coats of decent outdoor paint for our Araucaria hives, but would love to hear how your wax dipped ones go over time.
Looking forward to updates :slight_smile:

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