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Week One is in the books! (Video)


7 days with the girls have passed and I can’t believe how active they’ve become.
I’m guessing some of the capped brood has emerged so that older bees could move up and out into the world.

Lots of orienting going on today.

Enjoy the video - go full-screen and in HD!


Fabulous, Bobby, thank you! All of that from just 3 frames of bees. Looks like your hive is going to do great. So uplifting, really wonderful to see.

Oh and I went full screen and HD on a Mac - looked fabulous and streamed flawlessly. :wink: Dawn


Nicely done Bobby, I am definitely seeing some Stanley Kubrick camera angles there. Remeniscent of the “Here’s Johnny” scene. Bees are looking great.


nice one…

but it looks like the bees need more room to get in and out…

whats with the tiny entrance??


A bee movie of your own! Well done …it’s great and the bees are enjoying some Georgia sunshine.


Brand new 3-frame nuc in there. There are 2 beekeepers within a mile of my home and each has several hives.
I witnessed a few death matches in front of the entrance so it is clear other bees would like to gain access.
Until the hive is strong enough to defend itself properly with a larger entrance, I’ll let the bouncers at the door do their thing more easily.


they must be “desperate” for food if they are trying to get through that little hole… :expressionless:

i’d open it up so that they can get the nectar and pollen in quicker to build up the hive faster… also allow the workers to clean out the hive to keep it hygienically clean :smiley:

at least open up at least half the entrance and trust your bees to build a great hive :grinning:

are you pumping some 2 to 1 in it??

good luck bobby …


@Andrew I’ll cut another, wider opening on the reducer this morning.
Yes, I am loading them up on syrup. 1:1 though.


bump it up a bit Bobby… 2kg White Sugar to one Ltr water…

1 to 1 is putting too much water into the hive… what are your daily temperatures??


In the seventies now


perfect… I would open the entrance right up and let the Hive “Breathe”

you don’t want to get it too humid in there… your bees look good and raring to go…

exciting times ahead :slight_smile:


Good day. I have noticed in several videos (yours included) that the entrance for the bees is very small. In your case just a small hole. Is there a reason for that? I leave my opening completely unrestricted. Is that a mistake? Thanks a bunch!!


It is because there was only 3 frames of bees in the hive. The second and third nights after installing my nuc, the temps were below freezing plus a smaller entrance makes the hive easier to defend from robbers.
There are 2 other beekeepers within a mile of my home that I am aware of and honeybees have always visited my peach tree and garden.
I have witnessed my girls killing intruder bees multiple times so as far as I am concerned, having a small entrance was the correct choice.


Thanks Bobby. Good info!!


Bobby are you still feeding 1:1 syrup? I did a check of my hive on Saturday, Queen has been free for a week. My main concern is when I checked my frames on Saturday, I did have alot more bees, but there was still alot of capped brood. Also I could not find my queen or see any eggs.

I was concerned that every cell on my drawn comb seemed to be filled with syrup/nectar. I didn’t see any eggs either. If I dont see any eggs by this weekend I guess i’ll get concerned. I’m mainly wondering if I have over fed? They have been taking about 32oz of 1:1 per day so far.


@knucklehead I checked and refilled their feeders yesterday because of the cooler temps and rain.
I plan on opening up the hives this afternoon to check for a good laying pattern and to see how much comb is drawn out, etc.

I may dial back feeding if I see syrup all over the place in there. The queen needs room to lay after all.

No eggs in yours!? I’d look again to be doubly certain.


Yeah, I didn’t see any eggs (but could be my bad eyes LOL), but I could tell there was a lot of new bees. I am going to cut back on syrup for now, I tons of stuff blooming in my yard and check again towards the end of the week.
It did look like every frame that did have an empty cell was filled with syrup/nectar.

I’d love to see if I could get someone with more experience to drive over and do a hive inspection with me. Everything could be all normal and i’m just being a newb. LOL


Ditto. It’s hard to have mentor be present a lot of times…or at least when you’d like them to be.

I opened my hives this afternoon and all seems well. I saw larvae and capped brood. Spotted one of my queens too. They still have plenty of roomso I think I’ll leave them be for a while. Still gonna feed though.


Which is why being in a club brings you with lots of experiences to keep in mind for latter - someone asks a question and answers a future one for you - and you get hands on with other bees


Yes, being in a club is great. Really like the folks in mine.