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What a difference two weeks make


Haven’t been in the hives for a couple of weeks with holidays. Thought a quick sqiuz was in order this morning and they are chockers with honey. Took what I could handle in one go (9 frames as I crush and strain) and will have to progressively rob them over the next week.

Good thing I checked…



Hi & well done Rob, things seem to be slowly picking up around my way also. I might even get a few kilos of jellybush honey like I did this time last year.


Just pulled another nine frames and put the earlier ones in the honey press. Looks like it will be a batch a day for this week and I will need to buy some more drums. Good problem to have.


I extracted another 10 ideal frames yesterday… and today to my surprise I had a brood box open and it had a completely capped full depth frame of honey in it…so I swapped it out for some drawn comb and the honey is currently straining on the window sill.


Rob, do you use a press?.. and do you filter with muslin/cheese cloth?


Just use a rough press I made out of wood with a cloth bag. Its really ugly but simple and uses a car jack to do the actual pushing.


Ok you’ve piqued my curiosity Rob, could you post more info on your DIY press please?


Yep. I’ll get some photos for you.


I imagine it to look like a bearing press… with a wooden box in the middle.

Also very keen to see this press :smiley:


Show me this ugly thing


I’m also looking forward to those photos. It sounds similar to an olive oil press.


Just dumped the photos off my camera

Here are photos of the gravity strained honey (cut up + strained for 3 days)… all came from a single full depth (puffy) frame.

Also grabbed a photo of the Italian apple press I use with cheese cloth


Don’t want to hijack the thread, but put the honey pressing extraction process up: