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What bug is this and should I be concerned?


Hi, I am new a few months to bee keeping. I thought mites, SHB and wax moths were all I had to worry about. This evening I am seeing a new bug , several of them running around the odutside of he bee boxes. No idea if they are inside and I do not know what it is.
Can someone identify it and tell me if it is a threat?


I believe- that that is an Asian lady bug beetle: in the nymph stage!

I had no idea that lady bugs looked like that:


it should be quite harmless- but will likely get cuter!


Thanks. I’d have never figured that out.
From another site…The beetles are apparently attracted to the sunlight reflecting off of the south or southwest-facing sides of the building. (Or my box in that direction I guess.)
I how they do not try to overwinter in there.


I’d never have guessed ladybird either looking at it. I am surprised how easy it is to identify bugs using google. I just typed in ‘six legged black bug orange square’- and then selected ‘images’ and wham! there was your bug. I didn’t think it would be so easy.

Mostly ladybirds are good for your garden- except for the vegetarian varieties… a ladybird can eat 5000 aphids in its life.

I’ve seen plenty of ladybugs :beetle: but never in that nymph stage- you must be lucky! There is no emoji for nymphs :weary: