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What is this on my bottom board?


Newbee and don’t know all the pests. So I think the worm thing is a wax moth but there is a little bug you’ll see crawling around. Can someone identify what it is? Also what are the small black things? Thanks


A small black beetle. Not SHB, so it really doesn’t matter what it is. The small black rods are mostly wax moth poop. There is also a pollen mite in your photo (also harmless), some pollen packages (yellow) and I think I can see a fair number of varroa mites too. Hopefully you have done a varroa count and are treating if needed.


@Dawn_SD, for my own education:

(1) pollen mite, (2) black beetle, (3) moth poo…but where are you seeing varroa (is it what I’ve marked as a question mark in cyan/aqua)? We don’t have varroa here in Oz but I’m still trying to ensure I can identify it. Any chance you can point to where I should be looking in the photo?

From a different source I can see this marked-up image for varroa but can’t confidently identify similar in the image with this thread:





Thanks Dawn. Both colonies were treated for Varroa in the spring. Do I wait till after the Super is taken off to treat? We already have the strips to use.



It depends on what the strips are. If they are MAQS, you can use them with the super on. If they are Apivar, you have to wait until it is off.

Alan @SnowflakeHoney, I have marked a slightly different part of the photo. Inside the rectangle is a classic wax moth poo. Inside the circle are a couple of ovals which are fuzzy, but very suspicious of varroa, to my eye. :blush:


Thanks for the quick feedback.