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What did this man do to upset his bees?

I couldn’t find the topic I was looking for. This man starts off with a veil & no gloves. Then after a while he put gloves on. Then towards the end of his video, he’s wearing a full bee suit.

I thought someone created a topic “how not to handle bees”. I wanted to avoid creating a new thread… Five minutes later: The penny dropped. It’s that bloke in America with the fake flow hive, but I can’t remember the title of the topic.

2 hours later: I found the topic “how not to care for bees”.

Just watching the video again: I think he has beautiful bees, however if you started watching at the 24 minute mark, you’d be forgiven for thinking he had a colony of killer bees.

I think his troubles started when he started brushing the bees with grass. Then it kind of compounded when he scraped the wax off the frames, not really caring how many bees he killed. It didn’t help when he banged the bottom board to remove bees… Not a smoker in sight!!!

My quietest colony wouldn’t stand for that kind of treatment. They’d all end up the same.

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Looks like a genuine Flow and not American but yeah they turned agro alright, I had a fly fly past me while watching and jumped a mile.:rofl: That buzzing puts me on edge!
So how is the ‘rock candy’ heather honey extracted?

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Hi Skeggly, he has got a genuine Flw hive. I was trying to think of the name of the thread that was created earlier this year. After a while it dawned on me that it was that bloke in America with that fake flow. I wanted to avoid creating a new thread.

I think this bloke in England is a brother of the goose in the US. I wonder why he made the video when he was misnaming so many parts of a hive and obviously lacked general knowledge of Flow hives and Langstroth frames as well. The only way to know if a Flow Frame or a Langstroth is capped and ready to extract is to look at it but he claims it is a disadvantage of a Flow Frame. Checking frames is a fact of life in bee keeping. I think playing cards would be safer for him.
No wonder the bees turned hot on him, spraying water on bees instead of using a smoker is something new for me.

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Hi Peter, I’ve never tried spraying water, however I’ve seen bees when a shower of rain passes, they kind of go into a shedding water mode. They arrange themselves in such a fashion that water sheds off them, keeping the brood dry. If water worked for him like smoke normally would, he didn’t use much of it.

Why am I sitting here typing & watching videos? It’s a “man flu”.

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‘Man Flu!!’ It’s real BAD! Me to Jeff. No one seems to understand. The dog still wants me to throw the ball, still have to shop and cook tea! Ooooohhh!

And it’s so dry I’m feeding the girls by hand. 20190914_070809


Hi Alan, I really feel for you. I didn’t do anything yesterday, I did a bit today. I’ve got a bloke picking up bees tomorrow. So I returned some stickies & picked up brood frames to go with this blokes colony. I took the brood out of his colony a couple of days ago to put in someone else’s colony.

It’s a nasty flu that’s getting around. take care, cheers for now.

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I saw this and commented on youtube. He hasn’t assembled it correctly and it is missing the aluminium support strip that supports the base of the flowframes and closes the gap. Hence all the bees behind the inspection panel. He was completely unaware.


It is a nasty flu about, it laid me up for over a week. My first flu for years, even wiring new frames was a bit much.

He didn’t construct the super properly. It’s missing the metal brace on the bottom of the flow super.


First time I’d watched the video right through. It had me wincing right throughout the lot! Poor bees! Hope he’s not doing too much instructing and imparting his dubious methods.

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wow- those are some unhappy bees! Right off the bat you could see things were not right- when he opened the rear door and bees flooded out. It was all just downhill from there. I wonder how many stings he got before he suited up? Looked like a LOT. He just grabbed frames with his fingers squashing bees- no awareness.

at one point he says, “trying not to injure bees, but…”

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By contrast, look at how this bloke handles his bees. He uses smoke appropriately. He is suited up from the beginning. He treats his bees with respect. He works to a plan. We all make mistakes like he made. Look at those beautiful frames of sealed brood.

This man flu is still hanging about, explains why I’m still watching videos.

I can see by watching this video how American beekeepers would benefit by using a hive mat in conjunction with a migratory lid, such as we use down here.


That is a very good video, he has a game plan before opening the hive, he is confident in what he is doing. The blokes speaks confidently. Those two clips are like chalk and cheese, so very different.
I did a 2nd split of my Flow Hive#2 this morning, using my red light last night and saw lots of bearding and this morning the brood was wall to wall bees and brood, not much honey in the Flow Super but really happy with what I saw.
I have decided to move the ‘Mountain Goat’ hive higher up towards the house, it is really a calm colony now where once the guards would attack before I got near the hive. There is a lot to be said for doing regular hive checks and giving the bees work to do and room to expand the colony.
Hope you shake the flu soon mate, I got a flu jab but still got about 10 days of the miseries from it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi Pete, I got the jab as well, a few months ago.

I’ve gotta get out & do something. I’ve got liquid gold fertilizer piling up. I need to distribute some before it stinks my honey room out. Plus I’ve got to transfer a colony into a flow2 for a bloke.

I like the manner of the bloke in the second video. Ideal for beekeeping. He admits that he ignored good advice & knows what to do next time.

cheers for now

Do you need a hand mate, I’m fee for the rest of the day?

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Sorry Pete, I missed your offer. Many thanks. Thanks all the same, but I was right hosing my liquid gold into the garden. Wilma said after “it’s already stunk the honey room out”. Anyway it grows good spuds. One bee didn’t like the smell, she attacked me while I was straining the stuff. Part of the fertilizer is slumgum water, which is all fermented with a type of mushroom fungus on top, especially the last bottle I used, which got strained out… All the stuff on top of the strainer goes into the worm farm.