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How not to care for bees!


If you can bear to watch these YouTube video’s, this is certainly how NOT to keep bees…
Words fail me, and with my head in my hands i just couldn’t believe what i was watching.
Someone should tell this guy that this isn’t Beekeeping by any means.
This type of practice and disregard is what Flow Hive haters have spoken out about in the past.
This ‘Beekeeper’ has no knowledge, skill or empathy for his bees.

:angry: :angry:



Seems that he must like the taste of highly smoked honey… :open_mouth:

His “bee brush” isn’t a proper gentle, soft bee brush either - looks like he is using a cleaning brush. I have never seen anyone use an uncapping knife quite like that either. Unbalanced spinning of a frame is very unwise too. He needs a mentor urgently. Unfortunately we are not allowed to leave comments on YouTube for him, so I guess he won’t learn. :thinking: :disappointed_relieved:


The bit I watched was seriously rough. Kept saying it was 48 degrees and late afternoon and just pulled the hive apart dumping bees outside. Suppose he does not want them to survive when he treats them like that!



Seeing that video right through has left me totally stunned. I first got the idea it was a ‘set-up’ comedy clip but seeing all the bees being killed I realized this guy is a “know all - know nothing” idiot. So many very basic ‘bad practice’ and total lack of knowledge in bee keeping. I really hope they abscond on him :hushed:
I guess the Chinese look-alike Flow Hive will only be used for a short time before he gives bee keeping a big miss.