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Langstroth hive article - OLD


I am looking for some help. I am looking for an article that someone posted on here. The article was from 100+ years ago when Langstroth hive’s were just coming out. Basically it was that the Langstroth hive’s were going to kill off the bees and that is not the way to be a beekeeper.

I am doing a presentation to my local beekeeping club and wanted to start off the presentation by reading a pice of that article.

If anyone can help me find it that would be great


Hi @Martydallas, whilst I wasn’t able to locate the article you speak of, I did find another article which mentioned that Lorenzo upon breeding his italian bee sold a queen for $20 and in the first year sold 100 of them. Not much has changed today, they are still sold for a similar price.



Thank you, I may bring this up also.

about the article, there was a posting on this forum (yes there are many) about people talking bad about the FlowHive and someone found this article, I am talking about. They put it on this forum or part of it. It may have been just an exert of it or they retyped it. been too long for me to remember.

Thank you for looking. I do remember I was close to the beginning of the Journey for shortly after it started.


I do remember the discussion. I remember thinking how I didn’t agree with the theory. Unless someone bookmarked it or you put the right combinations of words in a search, it would be hard to find.


agree, I have spent sometime looking. That is why I reached out to others. Glad I was not dreaming or at least others :slight_smile: dreamed it as well


I don’t remember sorry… Could be in “standing up for the Flow Hive”?


I just looked, no it is not there. This post was back in 2015 or 2016. Thank you, BTW I had a good year on one of my hives. I got four harvests and about 120 pounds of honey. How can anyone complain about that. My first harvest this year was late May here in Dallas. That is a good solid two months ahead of anyone else is harvest. And I’ve got one more harvest to go before pulling the flow frames off for the season. The 120 pounds is an estimate based off of what I believe I’m going to get off this last harvest.


Sounds good :slight_smile: I wondered where you had disappeared too :wink: Guess you’ve just been busy beekeeping :slight_smile:
Do you have any more photos or videos from this year?

How did you go with your cappings this year? Did they end up capping the cells? Or did you just use your measuring tool to measure the water content (mind blank of the name right now).


They ended up capping this year :slight_smile: I still used the measurement tool regardless.

I really want to be more involved, just don’t find the time as easily. And I know it’s not finding the time, it’s making the time. When I was on the forum a lot. I was having to make the time because I did not know very much. And occasionally I will get back on what I need a refresher. And certainly don’t mind helping out the local beekeepers that are new and or using the flow frames.

The beekeeping group I’m part of at any given monthly meeting. There is at least 200 people there, it’s a huge group. They also sponsor several scholarship programs for students. It’s a very good group. That’s who I’m giving my presentation to. This will be my second one. This will be my first one concerning the flow frames, my first one was dealing with everything I’ve learned as a beekeeper. Including using essential oils to maintain a healthy colony. I use essential oils to get rid of mites as well as Beatles.



Sounds interesting :slight_smile: How and which essential oils are you using? I have also read a bit about using essential oils for bees. Have you heard about using funghi extracts to keep the bees healthy?