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What is your opinion about this product?


I’m glad to be with you
How can I get this product?
I am from Iran

What is your opinion about this product?


This product,to my knowledge, is not available in Australia.


It’s just fondant or candy. You can make your own


Thank you dear friend


Thanks dear friend
This product has arrived in my country and I want to investigate it


Hi Askari

Maybe check with your other local beeks. Always better to check locally as all locations are different



ok…tnx.dear frind


Also if you’re feeding your bees fondant make sure they have a bee friendly water source nearby. They need it to dissolve and process the food so if it isn’t close by you will have a lot of workers busy with collecting water instead of gathering nectar or pollen.

Personally I prefer liquid bee food when feeding nucs or preparing hives for winter as the bees can simply drink it up, add their enzymes and put it into storage.
The downside to liquid food is of course that ‘you’ have to cart the additional weight and bulk of the water around instead of your bees so in the end it really is a personal preference ^^


Thanks for the guide