What size are the Jars used

How much have you harvested this way, Michael?

Not much. I got it too late last year and I’ve been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off trying to catch up on everything in my life including bees. But it’s the only “jar” I’ve used…

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Yeah totally. and if they made the jars with the pre-holed lids (for flow pipes), I’d totally buy some.

The 400gm Moccana coffee jars are close. You may need to drink a lot of coffee quick LOL

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@fivekai same ones are £62 in UK!

They look like one gallon or four liter to me. Aspect ratio is off for half gallon jars.


largest ball makes is half gallon

Sometimes @sara advertisers use the same image and it is representational only not necessarily the correct item size wise - saves on Photographic/usage time and the description is correct.

It also means less space taken up in the database

That’s true about product photos but in this case the original query was what jars are they using in the promo pics. Those jars in the video I saw are not bell jars, and I think they are larger than 1/2 gallon. Not that it makes much difference ; -)

If you are in the USA and near a Uline, then they are a good source of jars also.

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What’s wrong with using those 5 litre water bottles. I get those with water for £1.20…I use them for brewing wine and they stand up to that very well.

I use those to make my sugar syrup and store it ready.

I did get an 8lt drink dispenser Jar from Aldi in the Summer for Just under £10 - I wanted it for display and dispensing purposes.

But also got some Small honey Buckets in Thornes? sale

a 64 oz ball jar is 9.3 inches tall. if you look at the pics of flow hives where they are using jars to collect the honey they are about the height of a langstroth deep. makes sense as they should hold a little over 5 pounds.

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Pounds, ounces, inches, feet, Fahrenheit, gallons… You guys are doing my head in.
How many countries still use the imperial system anyway?
Pretty sure I’ve got more fingers…

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Anyone find a Australian supplier of the jars seen in the videos?
I know I could use other things but the jars are too cute and would be easier to store than having to transfer honey from one container to another.

Hi, up here in Byron we can buy the jars from Santos Wholefoods or The Source Bulk foods, not sure exact dimensions but roughly 2L jar in volume

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Actually an 8 ounce jar holds 12 ounces of honey. The Teddy Bear squeeze bottle I buy are 8 ounce but hold 12 ounce honey, however that is full to the brim, so I cut it off around 11 ounces. A Quart jar which I think are what the one is the video look like will hold roughly 2.5 pounds honey, but there again I just bought a quart jar no-name brand and it held 2 pounds 14 ounces. One gallon jars equal about 12 pounds in honey. US standard. All my honey gets filled on a certified scale. Scale is set to 0 with empty jar on it and honey added. I have been keeping accurate counts each time I fill jars for sale. And selling commercially this is required by state. But then again, I tend to think some honey might be lighter in wieght than others. Anyone kow about this?

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Tony you are correct. I read somewhere recently that if you write 250g on a jar for instance the it is by weight. But if it is fluid ie ml being fluid then it is volume measure not weight.

Does that make sense?

ie 8oz is fine but 8 fluid oz is volume not weight

Well we sell honey by weight and not volume, although when I’m at my stand I am forever explaining to people this little fact. It’s kind of amazing people don’t know honey is sold by weight and not volume, so even though they buy a quart from me, I tell them they are actually getting 2 and half pounds. I think it’s phsycological for them but 2 and half pounds sound better than a quart :smiley:

Here is a link to company in US that has large quantity of jars. I got a sample of the 32 ounce jars and they are well made but I found hold a bit more than the Ball 32 ounce jar, About 6 ounce more honey. it’s taller too than the Ball or Kerr jars. Cost is cheaper but if you see you have to buy a master flat to get a decent price: http://www.containerandpackaging.com/

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Arrrgh. Now “A pints a pound the world around” is stuck in my head…