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What's the best part about owning a Flow hive?

One would assume harvesting the honey.

We just got an inquiry from someone who owns 2 new Flow hives. She wants someone to set them up with bees, manage the hives, as well as harvest the honey for her.

Whereabouts is she? Hopefully someone local to her will be keen/willing to take this on…

Hi Free, I’ll be doing the job of what she needs doing. She’s not all that far from me at Bli Bli.

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I think this lady would answer that it’s having Jeff to take care of it for her :joy:


Thank you Eva :slight_smile: I’m not even sure if the lady bought the Flow hives as “Flow hives”. She just wanted 2 hives in her yard with the intention of getting someone to service them for her like she did down south somewhere where she used to live. Apparently she was in a group of about 40 people who all had beehives, where one bloke serviced them all as a weekend business. I only hope they’re not fake Flow hives. They need some serious alterations. On top of that you can’t get your hive tool under the front lug in order to lift the frame out. I’ll see when the time comes after she has assembled them.