Where to keep hive

I am new to beekeeping. I would like some advise on where to keep my hive. Does it need to be in a sunlit place. How close to human settlement. How close together should the hives be.

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Hi there @paulroyston and welcome! Good questions to start out with. I see you live in Jamaica where it’s pretty hot and sunny most of the year. For your area you’ll need to place the hive where there’s some shade towards afternoon if the temps get above 80F or so. Dappled shade all day is okay too I think, but I’ve heard that bee colonies in shadier places can be more defensive. Don’t put hives in low, damp areas, and do place them up on a stand or some blocks to help keep certain predators away.

Things to consider about proximity to houses, buildings and walkways - make sure to face the entrance away if it’s very close, don’t have lights on late at night as bees are prone to investigating this, and some tall plants or a fence or something like that placed a few feet away from the entrance will cause the bees to fly straight up and out, and re-enter from a high flight path too. That way, most bee traffic will be high up over people-areas if the yard is small.

Finally, make sure there’s enough room for you to work behind and alongside each colony, and either some room on your stand/bench or another surface close by for resting equipment as you inspect.

Good luck and keep us posted - you’ll get tons of great advice and help here!


This is a good guide for urban Beekeeping released by Oregon State Uni early this year. Your climate is, very, different but many of the principles apply to being a responsible beekeeper.