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Wildflowers in Mid West Australia


If you have the opportunity to get to the Mid West of Western Australia early Spring. Do it.

Those flower go for miles. (out of Mullawa)
They are the Everlasting or Paper flower.

Ignoring the dandelion, the petals are dry and feel like paper and rustle like paper.
They come in White, Pink and Yellow. A few years back we were further East around Paynes Find and the vista was even more spectacular.

We came to Mullawa to see the wreath flowers and were amazed.

I don’t think the orchids are anywhere as good or plentiful as in the South West though.
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Hello Wilfred, What is the story about the flower wreaths? Do the commercial bee keepers work the spring flowers?


No story on wreath flowers they just grow wild like wreath with white and pink flowers.
They grow in a very confined area of the state and I did not see any bees on them but it was not a pleasant day.
There are a lot of commercial beekeepers taking advantage of the many and varied native shrubs and the honey commonly marketed under the “wildflower” identifier. I also noticed a fair bit of Patersons Curse which bees love apparantly.


Bees go ballistic on Patterson’s Curse, aka Salvation Jane. I used to take my hives on 300 klm round trip chasing it. It has very good pollen and nectar and was a strong flow for a few months till it burnt off with the really hot weather.
Amazing that the wreaths are a natural phenomenon. Mother nature at her best.
Cheers mate.


We used to see it all through Tamworth and the Moombi Ranges, probs why my father in laws bees did so well there.