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Hello to all. My wife and I decided to start a small backyard home business. Please like and subscribe to our YouTube Channel and enjoy.

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Welcome to the group Dylan. I watched one of your YouTube videos where you were installing the package of bees. From my observation you look like a new beekeeper? Congratulations if that is the case, you are going to have a great adventure. I noticed in your 10 frame brood box you have 9 frames installed— to save you some trouble I highly recommend you get the 10th frame in there immediately. You will end up with a mess of comb if you do not. Also, you shouldn’t have your honey super box on until all of your frames are drawn out with wax, or at least 8 of the 10 frames as the bees will have to work overtime to regulate the temperature in the box. With new bees you need to help them as much as possible so I suggest you pull that top box off. From all the bees in the air I’m a little concerned about how you released the bees from the package; a tip for the next hive you do, put the queen cage between two frames and then just tip the package gently upside down on top of the frames and the bees will migrate out of the package and into your brood box usually within 1/2 hour and you won’t have all those bees in the air. That didn’t look so much like orientation flights to me as it did chaos! I’m sure things will work out, but just trying to make the next experience a bit easier for you. Also, small suggestion; you mention organic honey… that’s a tall claim if this is your first hive and just installed from a package. Organic us a very specific food label that requires intense testing to be sure you can make that claim and most beekeepers would struggle to make that claim given bees travel distance is quite wide and you cannot control what other people are doing in their gardens or farm lands with pesticides and the like. You might reconsider the organic claim so you don’t end up with trouble if you ever sell your honey down the line. Keep up the updates on your adventure, we all enjoy the pictures and hearing about the journey. We are here to help!


Thank you so much @Tim_Purdie. Tomorrow will be day three of the bees and Queen being installed I will check to see if she has been released. I appreciate all your support in this effort and has been noted. I just used the super box to cover my homemade feeder so the roof will fit, as my jar was too big. I went to the store and purcahed a smaller jar that will allow the roof to fit the inner cover and allow the roof to fit securely over the Brood box. :grinning: I will add the tenth frame in the afternoon once I check for the release of the Queen. I have edited my you tube channel description as well to remove organic. My wife and I have planted all our veggies from seeds. :grinning:

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The Queen has been released. Enjoy the video. :grinning:

FH2 has been repositioned to allow me room when it’s time to harvest and observe. Level bubble shows both are in the middle Thanks again @Tim_Purdie.