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Word FLOW missing from hive roof


Hi, just received flow hives three and four and neither has the word FLOW on the roof just the logo. I also have a pine hive and it’s missing the word also. My founder member cedar hive has both logo and word and all of the images in the flow shop shows hives with the word FLOW. Why are my three different?


The bees will never know the difference! :slight_smile:


Start a protest: #notmyflowhive lol


I wonder if they changed the design slightly for the hoop pine? I notice the roof shingles are different too. Perhaps @Faroe has some words of wisdom on why these are different from the original WRC hives. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep I know but these things interest people like me! Sorry to be boring.


The latest hives I have are cedar so I thought at first it was because my second hive was pine but clearly not! While this might seem a banal comment, there are fakes coming out of China, and anyone thinking of picking up a second hand buy because someone claims to have bought a flow then changed their mind, might be selling on a fake. Without simple pinpointers like the name and logo how can we be sure! Just saying.


That is why I rattled @Faroe’s chain… :wink:


My latest hive is the same, it is the Cedar Limited Edition. I’m not sure what makes it a limited edition but thought the missing brand name may be something to do with it, obviously not if yours are the same.
I’ve seen new hives with the flow symbol as a cut out too!


I thought the ‘limited edition’ ended up just being a free suit and smoker, don’t believe there is anything materially different with the hive itself.


I just bought two limited edition cedar hives and got a bee veil in each and nothing more. Certainly no smoker or suit!


Definitely sounds limited…


I bought a “Classic Pine” and yep there is no “FLOW”. Ummm, fortunately bees can’t read.

However I understand the Trademark issue. Perhaps we’ll get a response from the Flow crew soon.


I’m sorry I don’t know the answer to this Flow vs non-Flow being written on the roof.
I have just had a look at our webshop and can see in the pictures, the roof has both with and without “Flow” written.
https://www.honeyflow.com/shop/flow-hive/flow-hive-classic-pine/p/237 - if you scroll through the pages you will see.
And I see nothing on the cedar pictures - https://www.honeyflow.com/shop/flow-hive/flow-hive/p/133
I will ask my manager/Flow team and see if there is an answer for this and get back to you soon.
There have been slight differences between the pine and cedar because they are manufactured in different locations from different wood.
Must be differences in machinery, etc.


I sure didn’t get a free suit and smoker with my limited edition, nor did it promise such. I think limited may refer to the limit of WRC available in Australia.
One would think then WRC brood boxes could be available too, but hey, as a business flow is maximizing on WRC ordered with flow frames.
I actually want to buy 3 WRC brood boxes right now, but can’t find any.
Any suggestions?
Never thought I need to hack into some rare market.