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World Bee Count

World Bee Day and The World Bee Count – Online this year.

The World Bee Day has been celebrated since 2018 on 20 May, the birthdate of pioneer beekeeper Anton Janša. This year, the event, which is hosted by the UN will be taking place mostly online due to the Covid 19 crisis.

We are launching the World Bee Count as a celebration of all that connects us across the world and all the ways in which we can collaborate - even in difficult times - to share knowledge and overcome challenges together.


The World Bee Project

(Different site to the link above)

The World Bee Project CIC is the social enterprise that has launched The Global Hive Network© the world’s first globally coordinated honeybee hive monitoring initiative designed to generate unprecedented new data about honeybee health and its relationship with varying environments, weather patterns, forage, diseases, parasites, predator species and pesticides. The Global Hive Network© aims to inform and implement actions to improve pollinator habitats, create more sustainable ecosystems, and improve food security and nutrition for honeybees and