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Exact Differences Flow Hive 2

Hello all this is my first post, I have been interested in bee keeping for some time, I have reached out to my local bee keeping organisation. Looking at the Flow Hive and watching several videos online I can see there are now 2 models available, what are the exact differences between the Flow Hive 1 & 2. I can see there is extra window and a shelf for capturing the honey… What are the others?

Flowhive 2 has improved the super box, roof, and convince of harvesting the honey via a hand shelf and the new stand has built in pest management which is easier. Watch the video it shows the improvements. I own 2 originals and 1 flow2 for the improvements.

Thank you for the reply what are the differences with the flow super, I’m after some real detail if possible

I’m wondering if you’d be better off asking the flow team themselves, if you’re looking for “some real detail”.

Like @Martha said “watch the video it shows the improvements”.

PS, after some recent events on this forum, I think some of the members are suffering “real detail” burnout.

  1. They have improved the roof to help with water leaking that was a problem.
  2. There is now built in spirit levels.
  3. Better legs and fitting of the same.
    4, Minor improvements in the design.
    The is more than 2 models, there is the model made to the size of an 8 frame Langstroth and another made to the measurements of a 10 frame Langstroth. You can buy one made of Western Red Cedar or from Hoop Pine as well as the original Flow Hive as well as the new Flow Hive2 version so there is 6 versions to consider.
    Welcome to the forum and you will find a lot of the questions you may have in previous answers in the posts.

The new version flow hive is basically the same as the original but with all the little things that most of us have made or adapted for the original version as mention by others in their replies. Depending on how handy you are all those issues or changes can be easily done on the original. But for those who want it all to work seamlessly then the new version is the go.
Internally the flow frames look the same to me, can’t really see a difference.
Good luck.

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Hey Gary, you are spot on with that answer. I have read that the frames are different but when I ask what the difference is I can’t get an answer.

Hi Mark,

To see the differences laid out in writing, the best place to look is the Indiegogo page:

Frederick Dunn’s video is a pretty good video on how the Flow Hive 2 is different to the Classic:

Made by us
We have redesigned the Flow Hive 2 from the ground up and are manufacturing it in-house in Australia, using precision laser cutting. This allows us to focus on quality control and ensure the highest levels of sustainability throughout the process, whilst giving us the ability to innovate more quickly.

Premium woodware
Created from highly durable, sustainably-sourced, A-grade, Western Red Cedar, the Flow Hive 2 is laser-cut and built with precision by us in Australia.

Optional integrated adjustable hive stand

Add an adjustable leg kit, this handy feature enables you to control the height and level of your hive perfectly, even on uneven ground.

The ability to precisely adjust the height of the hive on each individual corner, makes just about any terrain suitable for a Flow Hive.

Built-in spirit levels
The newly redesigned base features two inbuilt spirit levels to ensure that your hive’s setup is optimal for honey harvesting, and to help the bees in building straight natural brood comb.

Ventilation control
The unique ventilation control system allows you to support your bees as the seasons change, increasing or decreasing air flow depending on external weather conditions.

Multifunctional tray
Our new base design features a multifunctional tray which slides into the base, allowing you to trap pests and monitor your colony’s health.

Better handles

The brood box handles are deeply cut for easier lifting. The brood box comes with 8 foundationless brood frames for the bees to naturally build their brood comb. The brood frames are also built to accommodate wax and wire or plastic foundation if you wish.

Flow Hive super

The Flow Super (the honey box) is specially designed to accommodate our patented Flow Frames, and now features observation windows on both sides, giving you more insight into the fascinating world of your bees as they fill the Flow Super with delicious honey.

Premium brass fixtures
The Flow Hive 2 features high-quality durable solid brass fixtures throughout, which over time will become a beautiful tarnished colour.

Harvesting shelf
Also included in this pre-sale offer is a convenient, height-adjustable harvesting shelf to make collecting your honey even easier than before.

Inner cover with plug
Our inner cover is designed with a central hole should you need to feed your bees in lean times. This now comes with a convenient plug allowing you to control bee access to your roof cavity if you would like to allow them to build honeycomb in the roof.

Single shingles
The shingled roof sections now come pre-glued as one panel for better weather protection, and with placement guides for easier assembly.

Protection against the elements
Our gabled roof now comes with sturdy brass wing screws, to ensure the roof is secure even in adverse weather conditions.

Handy assembly tool
The Flow Hive 2 comes complete with an assembly tool so you can easily put your hive together, even by hand if you wish.

Flow Frames
In addition to all of these exciting new features, our beautiful new Flow Hive 2 includes everything that’s made Flow a favourite with beekeepers all over the world, including our patented Generation 2 Flow Frames that allow you to collect pure fresh honey straight from the hive.

How are 2nd Generation Flow Frames different to the original Flow Frames?
Both our Flow Hive 2 and Flow Hive Classic come with generation 2 Flow Frames.
These contain lots of minor improvements for better functionality, durability and to further minimise any disturbance to the bees during harvest.
These include:

  • Adjustments in the cell depth of the moving comb blade, so the movement that forms channels through the comb happens deeper beneath the bees feet for minimal disturbance, this also allows the bees to draw out their comb further.
  • A decrease in the cell wall thickness results in a slight increase in the amount of honey that can be stored and harvested from each Flow Frame.
  • The central spine of the moving parts is now more robust offering more durability.
  • An increase in the reset and lift pressure from the Flow Key is added for better functionality.
  • Added radiuses and angles for easier insertion of the Flow Frames when beekeeping.
  • Some cosmetic rounded edges have been added on the front lower transparent end.
  • Tighter securing cables hold the frame together more securely.
  • Upper and lower frame caps now have a handle negating the need for pliers to remove.

Here is some more information you may also find useful about the differences, and why to choose one hive or wood type over the other:

  • Flow Hive 2 is a pre-order item at the moment - it is not shipping immediately - you will need to check the ESTIMATED shipping date on the product page for your location.

USA/worldide: https://www.honeyflow.com/shop/flow-hive/flow-hive-2/p/388

Australia: https://www.honeyflow.com.au/collections/all_flow_hives/products/flow-hive-2

Europe: https://eu.honeyflow.com/collections/all-products/products/flow-hive-2

  • If you are in the Southern Hemisphere and would like a Flow Hive now for Spring, it would be better to order a Flow Hive Cassic now - so you can start in Spring (make sure your bees are ordered, as there can be waiting lists). If you order a Flow Hive 2 now and want to get started this year, make sure you ask some local beekeepers or bee club, if you can start when your hive arrives. Or you could get started with a brood box kit now, and upgrade to the Flow Hive 2 when it arrives in October/November (this date will change).

  • If you are in the Northern Hemisphere and would like to get started next Spring or you are purchasing for Christmas, you can order now with estimated shipping in December (at the moment - this date will change).

You can read more detailed information about the wood types here:

Cedar: https://eu.honeyflow.com/pages/western-red-cedar

Araucaria: https://eu.honeyflow.com/pages/araucaria-hoop-pine

Some prefer the natural look of Cedar and choose the Cedar because of this. You can coat with some Tung Oil, or a waterproof sealant and you will be able to see the natural colour and grain of the wood. Some also say the wood type may prevent termites or other insects (but this seems to differ from person to person).

The Araucaria is still a good quality cabinet timber. It just needs a couple of coats of waterproof paint or sealant to protect it from the elements.


You may like to have a read on our Community Forum: Cedar vs Other wood hives

You can also coat the Araucaria in a clear or tinted waterproof sealant to maintain the natural look of the wood. The Araucaria gives you the option of purchasing the larger Flow Hive with 7 frames which is not available in the Cedar.

The Flow Hive with 6 Flow Frames is the same size as a Langstroth 8 deep beehive.

The Flow Hive with 7 Flow Frames is the same size as a Langstroth 10 deep beehive.

Some like to pick the same size beehive that is used commonly in their area - so they can interchange brood boxes, roofs, and other beehive equipment easily in their area.

For example, I know that a lot of beekeepers in Canada use 10 frame brood boxes, so we have customers who want to buy 10 frame Flow Hives, so they can buy extra 10 frame brood boxes locally when they need a second brood box of for doing splits. It also helps them match what their mentors know.

But then we also have some Canadians using Flow Hive Classic 6s (equivalent to Langstroth 8 deep beehives), and using 2 or 3 brood boxes to help their bees survive over winter.

I hope that helps a bit :slight_smile:


Thank you very much that’s the kind of information I was looking for, I just need to push the bottom on the FH2 from what I see on the eu Flow Hive forum shipping starts in November

One slight downside would be if you want to move the hive, the adjustable legs have to go with it, which makes it a bit awkward, unless you made a separate bottom board for that purpose.

I put a colony into one during the week. Lucky the owners had a ute, because I doubt if it would fit into the boot of a car like normal brood boxes do.

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Hi Peter, now I have read Faroes comments below I will look a little closer at the new spare frame I have.
We change our 3 frame hybrid to a full 6 frame last week adding an additional 3 flow frames.
Interestingly the 6 frames were a snug fit in a standard 8 frame super with no spacers required on the outer edge compared to the flowhive super. Slightly larger internal dimensions on flow hive super.

Hey Gary, You should also get more honey from the 6 flow frames than from 8 traditional frames going on my yield averages. I am also finding the inner two frames yield a little bit more honey.
Cheers mate

You’re welcome :slight_smile:
What do you mean by “I just need to push the bottom on the FH2”?
I don’t understand what you are trying to say.

Estimated shipping for Europe has now changed to January 2019. But that’s okay if you are getting started next spring.
Sorry, there seems to more delays with shipping to Europe, passing customs, etc., that’s why the date has changed. I thought you were in USA when I first responded to your inquiry.

Don’t forget to check about a second brood box for your climate in England.

Lol push the button means place the order (press the order button)

Do you think that date will change again from January or do you mean I would receive in January if I place the order now

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Okay, no worries.
I really don’t know if it will arrive in January. They are all pre-orders being manufactured and shipped as fast as the new Flow factory can.
That’s why I bolded and capitalised the word ESTIMATED.

To understand estimated shipping dates and the potential delays that may occur, here are some points to consider:

  • Shipping dates are based on how much the factory can manufacture in a set period of time (without cutting corners, etc).
  • A container is shipped over to our dispatch warehouse in the Netherlands (for European deliveries). (container to the USA for USA and Canadian orders)
  • The container needs to pass inspection by customs to check for illegal/correct imports and also to charge us taxes, and probably other stuff I’m not aware of.
  • The orders are then checked into the warehouse with a check to make sure the correct stock has arrived, there are no damages etc.
  • Customer order details are uploaded to the dispatch warehouse to dispatch orders for shipping based on the order date (first order, fist ship basis).
  • The order is then processed for shipping by the dispatch warehouse and assigned a courier.
  • The courier then attempts delivery.

At any of the points above there can be a delay or problem. E.g. computer system could be down at the dispatch warehouse, delays in customs, courier stuffs up, et.c, etc.

Flow does it’s best to guestimate correctly around the above points and to take into consideration Murphy’s law.

There’s probably a bunch of other things I forgot or am not aware of too :wink:


Hi @Faroe
Thanks for all of your valuable info…
I was just wondering in seeing your post, whether you knew that orders placed back in June were still on course to be shipped in October as originally stated or has that now changed to Jan ‘19 also?
I’m eagerly awaiting that email! :sweat_smile:

Many thanks…Nick

Hi Nick,

It’s best to email customer support with your order number so that my colleagues who work in the shipping department can look at your shipping details info@honeyflow.com. They will be able to confirm if there are any delays, or your order is on track for delivery.
:sunny: Faroe

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Can the built in spirit levels be removed or installed separately so that they are not damaged by finishing and (in my case) hot wax dip?

You could send your question to info@honeyflow.com - they are very expert and should be able to answer this easily. They reply quickly too. Alternatively @Freebee2 may know the answer… :blush:

@chau06 Yes the spirit levels can be easily removed by gently pushing it through with the end of your assembly tool, and returned once you’ve finished your wax dipping. If you need any further assistance, just let me know :slight_smile: