Founding frames vs now

Today I received some Flow frames, 5 weeks after ordering them from Flow, and would like to share the differences I’ve found compared to my founding frames (ff) as it appears changes have been made.

Upon quick inspection the new frames appeared to be the same as the ff received in November last year but once I put my glasses on…

There are a lot of exclusions on the plastic comb which I have read about on the forum, I hope I don’t need to clean up, and the comb itself is markedly thinner, at 0.5mm - 0.3mm thinner than the ff.
The wire had been twisted numerous times, ff once.
The groove for the wire has been streamlined and the end opposite the drain has alsohad an angle added.
He caps/plugs now have hollow gusset which should make them easier to remove with fingers and the top tool cap/plug has a different I.d design.

I’ve also noticed that the cedar is now, what looks like, laser cut and the box was also labeled made in Australia so I’m assuming it’s not Beethinking manufactured. The hybrid super doesn’t come with std wood frames as per photo on the web site but they’re not mentioned in the ‘what’s included’ list but I had hoped…

it should be interesting to see the difference, if any, next year if we get an opportunity to harvest our first crop.
My main concern is the thin plastic comb walls and its structural integrity after a few years.
Curious to know when the Flow version changed?
Apart from the exclusions this is not criticism merely observation I’m all for improving product provided the originals don’t get left behind like my stoopid iPad…

I’ll post photos tomorrow if I get a chance.


AHere are the photos I was going to post yesterday…
Poor iPad2 quality pics I’m afraid.
Can you guess which is which?


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I also noticed that the newer frames are just a tad shorter on the length, so i have to take the screw out a lot more to keep them snug in the box. The color seems lighter, but then i think thats probably because I’m used to looking at the frames that have had wax, honey, propolis etc, on them.

I think founding helpers ought to have the right to hear about changes or improvements, no matter if it were cost cutting, stream lining production or actual improvements. We did all help to get this off the ground, and many are truly interested in how it’s going and how things are changing, for our own benefit or detriment, likewise for the inventors.
If this would be a share holding adventure, we would get annual reports.
I personally am not interested in those, but would like to be informed of changes/improvements/cost cuttings to the original product, for my own reasons. I have both, older and new versions, at full price.
Locally around Byron I know of more founding members being a tad upset than not, due to lack of information, communication and/or benefits. Because, basically, there has been no communication, neither a benefit.
Good idea to inform your first flow buyers if changes have been made.
Were there? @Faroe

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Although I was concerned at the time that frame changes had been made for one reason or another, now I have had a chance to use the frames I found no operational difference whatsoever, in fact, I got exactly 2.93kg out of each side by side.
Should Flow inform us of changes? It would have been nice however if the changes made were not due to design faults then it probably wasn’t deemed necessary.

@Webclan, perhaps a thread dedicated to “Flow Design Enhancements” (restricted to announcements exclusively by the Flow Team only?) might help provide the information you seek? Separate discussion threads could then be established for everyone to share an opinion, as relevant, without cluttering the announcements.

@Faroe …thoughts?