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3d printed ant barrier


Many people have published various ways to block ants ants. I decided to 3d print mine. If interested, the model can be found here.


What a neat idea! I think I will need to get some.


Where did you get the nozzle for the syringe? Did you 3d print that as well? Do you have the plans?


very clever design! you could sell these.


Great idea.

As said before you could sell these.
Get a plastic shop to make some for you if you don’t want to print them.

You could sell in sets of 4 and add the syringe extension.

Good work!


I just found some tubing in my scrap pile. Used a hot air gun to form the hook.


Hi Ticktock, Thanks for the plans. Just made my first one. Worked perfectly. Now just to make the rest and do the vapour treatment. I like the T. Great job, thanks again for sharing.


Maybe the reason I have been looking for to finally get a 3D printer! :slight_smile: