3d printed ant barrier

Many people have published various ways to block ants ants. I decided to 3d print mine. If interested, the model can be found here.


What a neat idea! I think I will need to get some.

Where did you get the nozzle for the syringe? Did you 3d print that as well? Do you have the plans?

very clever design! you could sell these.

Great idea.

As said before you could sell these.
Get a plastic shop to make some for you if you don’t want to print them.

You could sell in sets of 4 and add the syringe extension.

Good work!

I just found some tubing in my scrap pile. Used a hot air gun to form the hook.

Hi Ticktock, Thanks for the plans. Just made my first one. Worked perfectly. Now just to make the rest and do the vapour treatment. I like the T. Great job, thanks again for sharing.

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Maybe the reason I have been looking for to finally get a 3D printer! :slight_smile:

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This is even better than using aluminium sheeting with neverwet. Do you know if this will also prevent SHB coming up into the hive? Unless of course if they fly up instead.

I cannot say for sure if the ant barriers are the reason but I have not had any issues with SHB. Varroa and wax moths continue to be a nuisance but not SHB (yet).

Hi dave

Did you print the original or 2nd version? Was it expensive to print here in australia?


Must be the original, i didn’t know there was a second version. I have a 3d printer at home so I guess maybe $10 in plastic. They worked for a while then broke down.
Hope this helps

Bummer. The material wasn’t strong enough to withstand the hive weight?

Did you print in PLA? That does break down with UV. I printed mine with ABS and they are still working two years later. I have some of the original design and some of the new (with the side filler). I do have to top off the oil every 6 months or so. ABS is pretty cheap - <$1 of plastic each if you have your own printer. Not sure what the going price is to have them printed.

3D printers are generally expensive and are of different sizes as well. I get my printing done from Airways printing and the built finish of the printer is great. It prints very well.