7:30 report 3rd October

I’m surprised that there’s no mention that supermarket honey doesn’t crystallize & that the honey has been heat treated so as to prevent it. The results being that a lot of vitamins & enzymes are destroyed in the process.

Even if consumers are getting 100% non contaminated honey from the supermarket, it’s missing a lot of the goodness that raw honey contains.

Folks that purchase honey from a trusted raw honey source, not only know that it’s not contaminated, but also contains all of it’s goodness.

PS Unscrupulous people have been contaminating food for hundreds of years. In the old days, flour millers used to contaminate flour with gypsum. Then on top of that bakers used to add sawdust to dough to make the flour go further.


I have found out we import honey, the two major supply countries are NZ and China and Argentina is 3rd.
I think I was talking about small producers, and not commercial beekeepers. I don’t know what they are doing Skegs. I also can’t find where I said

But if you can give me the date I will amend it.

Never said you did Peter, it was more of a broad statement aligned with the thread.

What really cracks me up is that NZ sells 10x more Manuka honey than it produces. :joy:

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Amazing that Peter Mcdonald can virtually say that we should be feeling/believing the honey sold here in Australia in supermarkets is pure honey, he is either ignoring the proven facts or way out of touch with what is known facts.
Cheers Skegs

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