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For newbies wanting to discuss and learn more about keeping bees.


Where do I go to introduce myself?


Welcome to the forum Stewie, there is a wealth of information and help on the site. Spend some time and get an idea how it works. You have not listed your location which is a good idea to do so as this forum is world wide so it will assist people offering advise.


Hi fellow beekeepers,
I just want to say hello and learn to navigate myself around the forum. I’m brand new beekeeper and have much to learn.


Welcome to the forum, there is lots of reading and if you need an answer to a question there is good advise to be had from friendly members.
Bee keeping is a learning curve and anyone who says they know it all is just kidding you.
Don’t be shy, if you have a question that you can’t find the answer you only have to ask.


I am a 74 year old Lawn Mower Gardener, when I was bitten 6 times n my best customers Garden and was offered a swarm of bees in another customers watering system box I decided to start to learn more, Where do I go from here. Thanks Tony B


I am wondering when I should add my 2nd box? And if it goes on the top or on the bottom of the established one? Also anything I need to know or do to prepare for winter?