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Introduction from OZ



Hi, I’m a newbee Amateur Beekeeper and am a social media challenged person ie I don’t have Facebook :slight_smile: Bee patient with me as I learn from your experiences as fellow Bee Keepers and navigate my way around the Forum.
I have wanted a pet since my Blue Heeler died in 2016 but we travel around. I’ve always loved Beez since I was a little girl so I’ve chosen to keep them because they can look after themselves while I’m away for short periods of time. I have a Flow Hive 2 painted the same colours as our house so my girls have all the mod cons in their townhouse. We and my Beez live in Australia and we’re signing up to the Flow Forum this Australia Day 2019. Cheers Shayne


Welcome. Bees will reward you if you look after them and punish you if you don’t. Once established apart from regular inspections the work isn’t arduous.
The advice always given here is to:
Join a local bee club
Read everything about bees. The library has stacks on bees .

Identify from your reading where you need assistance and don’t be afraid to ask questions (in this forum there is no such thing as a dumb or silly question).
Again welcome,
Cheerz busso


Welcome Shayne.

Also, to help find what advice already exists in this forum, just click on the magnifying glass (located up top, right side usually) and search for the term or phrase (i.e. when to install super, why aren’t they filling my flow frames, preparing for winter).

And just remember that advice is specific to where someone lives and there local conditions. So, read alot, form your own opinion, and good luck!

Finally, knowing how to identify bee pests and health issues is important. That would be a good first thing to read up on as you learn.


Welcome to the forum Shayne :slight_smile: I would love to see a photo of your matching Flow Hive and house :house_with_garden: (I reckon the rest of the Flow team would too).


A big welcome to the forum Shayne, you will find lots of reading here and folks willing to help you as you learn about this great hobby and interest.
Look after your bees and they will pay you back with a healthy hive and lots of honey. If you are in doubt over a an idea or a question then post it onto the forum and you will get advice quickly.
Enjoy and cheers