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Alternatives to Flow Key


My Flow Full arrived but it is missing the Flow Tubes and Key. I need to set the Full this weekend but I need a Key to reset the Frames. Any ideas on a safe alternative to the Flow Key?


The key was in a seperate box inside the shipping box. If you didn’t look closely you could have discarded it without looking inside. I was situated in a way that it looked kind of like filler cardboard. The tubes were pushed into a popped out bit of cardboard. If you still have your boxes you might want to give another look.

Otherwise contact info@honeyflow.com to arrange for replacements to be sent. In the meantime you could find a piece of aluminum bar stock the same width and depth as the key and then possibly turn it with pliers or vice grips.


Thanks for the very fast reply. I still have the boxes and the tubes and key are not there. I have contacted Flow and they are going to send replacements but we have started nectar flow here in the US so I need to set the Full. Any idea on the dimensions for the key?


I just measured mine. The US measures are 20.75" long, 3/8" deep and 3/16" thick. I imagine that if you used something at least that long, and 3/8 or more in the depth, you could make do. Just don’t turn it too far if it is bigger than that, or you may break the frames.



Thank you very much.