Replacement key

Hey I got all my stuff in, and it fits together and works fine, but my wife threw away the key in all the cardboard. Is there any way I can order a new one?

email and they should be able to set you up with a replacement.

I’ve called and emailed today because the same thing happened to me. I have bees coming in two days. Hopefully, I’ll hear something very soon.

@slong0102, if you’re just getting your bees, you are likely about a year away from needing that key.
Don’t panic.

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Thanks. You’re right, of course. I got in a tizzy when I couldn’t find it. The Flow Hive staff has already contacted me so I’m sure I’ll be good to go…as long as I hang onto it this time. It didn’t help that there have been a number of posts from people saying that no one at Flow Hive gets back to them. That has not been my experience at all. I had a courteous and helpful response within less than 24 hours.