Lost Flow Key. Help!

Help! I lost my Flow key and need to extract tomorrow. Could someone please be so kind as to tell me the dimensions of the key?

@adamhairfield where are you located? I can’t see it in your profile. Perhaps if you give a post/zip code someone might be located nearby and can lend you one.

I’m in the office at present but if I remember tonight I’ll measure the dims if someone else hasn’t responded already. This being said, if you remove the plastic cover and look into the frame you will be able to guess. From memory it is about 2-3mm thick, about 5-8mm wide, and about 80mm longer than the frame itself???

Great idea! I’m located in Kansas City. Thanks for your help! Those dimensions would be a huge blessing!

You can also buy one for $15 plus shipping, and it will probably arrive in less than one week. :blush:


@SnowflakeHoney could you get a hold of any dimensions?

Lucky you messaged…i forgot…oops

4mm thick, 9mm wide, 550mm long to the radius of the bar x handle.

I assume that makes sense given you know what the lever/key looks like

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Wow!! What a blessing thank you @SnowflakeHoney. I will take a picture of my make shift key :wink:.


Hi Adam, As Dawn mentioned you can order another Flow Key online in case your makeshift key doesn’t work.
The honey can stay in the Flow Frames for a while with no problems.


You can also edit your profile information to include your location by clicking up the top right and going into your preferences, then click on profile.

@adamhairfield how did your home made tool function? I’m about to attempt the same thing.

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You haven’t lost the flow key, you have just not recalled where you put it down. Paint it red and it will be so much easier to find, take it from someone who knows !!!